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If Women Rose Rooted: The Power of the Celtic Woman
by Sharon Blackie


Sharon Blackie's If Women Rose Rooted isn't your typical self-help book. It's a potent blend of Celtic mythology, personal narrative, and feminist analysis, urging women to reclaim their authentic selves by connecting with the archetypal energies of the Celtic goddesses.

The Central Message: Modern women, Blackie argues, are adrift, disconnected from their inherent wildness and intuitive wisdom. By rediscovering the stories and strengths of their Celtic foremothers—represented by various goddesses—women can reclaim their agency, creativity, and spiritual power.

Journey Through the Goddesses: The book unfolds through an exploration of seven Celtic goddesses, each embodying specific qualities:

  • Cailleach: Crone wisdom, embracing age and change
  • Ceridwen: Transformation, creativity, and the courage to face the unknown
  • Macha: Fierceness, boundaries, and claiming your worth
  • Scáthach: Mastery, mentorship, and the power of intuition
  • Boann: Abundance, inspiration, and following your creative flow
  • Arianrhod: Sovereignty, self-love, and defining your own destiny
  • Brighid: Healing, forging connections, and embracing your passions

More Than Mythology: Blackie doesn't just retell the myths; she unpacks their deeper meanings, drawing parallels to contemporary women's lives. Personal anecdotes, reflections, and exercises invite readers to engage actively with the archetypes and their relevance in navigating modern challenges.

Key Themes:

  • Reclaiming the Wild Woman: Rejecting societal expectations that confine women, the book encourages embracing their intuitive, instinctual nature.
  • Embracing the Feminine: Celebrating feminine strengths like intuition, empathy, and connection to nature, often undervalued in patriarchal societies.
  • The Land Connection: Recognizing the interconnectedness between women and the Earth, emphasizing the need for environmental consciousness and respect.
  • Healing the Past: Acknowledging historical wounds inflicted on women and reclaiming agency through understanding and honoring their ancestors.
  • Finding Your Voice: Encouraging self-discovery, authenticity, and speaking one's truth, regardless of societal pressures.

Impact and Reception: If Women Rose Rooted resonates deeply with women seeking a deeper connection to themselves, their heritage, and their innate power. It's been praised for its insightful analysis, lyrical prose, and empowering message, sparking conversations about female empowerment, spirituality, and the enduring wisdom of ancient traditions.

Beyond a Summary: While this summary provides an overview, the book's true power lies in experiencing Blackie's passionate writing and engaging with the exercises and reflections she offers. It's an invitation to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, guided by the enduring strength and wisdom of the Celtic goddesses.