Psychedelics & Embracing Impermanence - 4 Week Course on Exploring Death and Mortality as a Tool for Growth with Rosanna Ellis and Lauren MacDonald

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“In the light of death, everything shines” - Unknown

We exist in a society that completely ignores death and mortality. 

Having lost touch with our cyclical nature through the advent of modern medicine, healthcare, agriculture and systems that prioritise all year round growth and productivity, our relationship with our impermanence has drastically changed. To our detriment. 

In search of eternal youth, beauty, success and abundance we have pillaged our dear planet. We augment and poison our bodies, disconnected from the subtle messages from within. We are at the mercy of devices that constantly distract us and we spend our lives pretending that we will live forever. 

How might a relationship with death bring us back into a healthy alignment with ourselves and on a collective level?

One of the things we hear again and again in reports from people who have taken psychedelics is that they feel re-engaged with the cycles of nature and in touch with a sense of something ‘greater’ that brings about feelings of peace. People often report feeling less afraid of death and a feeling of being at one with the world. But how can we take these impactful psycho-spiritual realisations and integrate them into our lives?

  • How might awareness of our impermanence and mortality be our key to unlocking greater potential, purpose and meaning?
  • How can we maintain a connection to the sense of oneness and cyclicity often felt during a psychedelic experience and let it infuse into our lives and how we are in the world?
  • Can awareness of death help us to appreciate what we have and live better?
  • How might we show up differently when we consciously consider that one day we won't be here anymore?

In this four week course we embrace these existential questions together as a community using experiential techniques, therapeutic practices and collective enquiry. Week by week we will journey through the Essence Medicine psycho-spiritual HOME (Healing, Oneness, Meaning, Essence) model which was created to assist gentle exploration of our impermanence and explore what it means to be a mortal human together. Come and join us.

Dates and Times

We will gather on zoom over for four consecutive Thursday evenings at 7pm until 9pm UK time, starting Thursday 1st June 2023

Thursday 1st June, 7pm - 9pm UK time
Thursday 8th June, 7pm - 9pm UK time
Thursday 15th June, 7pm - 9pm UK time
Thursday 22nd June, 7pm - 9pm UK time



Rosanna Ellis is a Hospice Nurse, and Yoga Nidra teacher and has facilitated psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands.. She has an MSc in Palliative Care and is undertaking practitioner training in Systemic Family Constellations. Rosanna believes that we are long overdue for a collective reframing of death and dying and that doing so could have incredible healing potential for all of us. 

Rosanna is passionate about helping anyone who is facing their mortality, to feel less alone, and would like to see end-of-life care that includes sensitivity, beauty, humour, ritual, and ceremony made accessible for everyone.


Lauren Macdonald is a psychiatry doctor passionate about providing whole-person, holistic care. She has a BSc in Psychology and holds additional certificates in Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Compassionate Inquiry, Healing Circles, and Yoga. She has completed Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy training with MAPS and currently works as a co-therapist across several trials at The Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London. 

As a stage IV cancer survivor she has first-hand insight into existential distress and understands the importance of psycho-spiritual support when facing a life threatening illness. She believes in the therapeutic potential of expanded states of consciousness, group work, and utilising healing-centred practices to transform distress and trauma into wholeness and reconnection.



A leading centre of excellence, Essence Medicine offers psycho-spiritual care, including psychedelic-assisted therapies, for those impacted by life-threatening illnesses and education and training programs for health professionals.  

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