The Ways We Love. A Parts Workshop

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A workshop about love - for everyone

Love drives so much of what we do. We feel it, we want it, we are afraid of it. Sometimes, we sense that we are love. Many kinds of love flow through us, as the Greeks knew. We may recognise erotic love or the love of a dear friend, unconditional love, perhaps innocent, childlike love too. 

You are invited to come and celebrate the different parts of you that love. You may also want to ask these parts some questions, such as: 

  • How do I want to be loved?
  • Why do I find it so difficult to love others  sometimes?
  • What do I want my partner or friend to know about the way I feel?
  • How can I offer myself the love I deeply desire?

This is a self-enquiry, and will be accessible no matter your relationship status. You are welcome to come alone, or with friends or partners. There will be time to share with each other what you are learning about yourself. 

What is parts work?

Parts work, based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, is founded on the observation that every person has a core nature that is compassionate, confident,creative and other wonderful qualities. However, we are often disconnected from our true nature because we are caught up trying to manage and control our lives, and protect ourselves from suffering.

In parts work, we turn towards these 'protector parts' of ourselves, with curiosity rather than criticism. As the relationship with our parts unfolds, we learn to value them for their hard work, and they learn to trust us to lead ourselves in the present moment. They become our champions and advisors, instead of controllers, critics or saboteurs.

With some practice, it is possible to do parts work by yourself, potentially gaining a huge amount of agency in your own healing journey. I have created a free online guide to support you. The guidance is based on my training in parts work through Aletheia coaching, and my personal experience and study of IFS therapy. This workshop will teach you the steps of solo parts work, and facilitate practice and reflection. You will follow the process on your own, journalling if that supports you, and there will be time for questions and sharing.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

I've found that almost everyone gets something out of parts work. It can be particularly useful in bringing clarity to situations in your life where you are experiencing confusion or forces pulling in opposite directions. For example, you may want to move past a pattern that seems to hold you back from what you most want. 

Please note that a workshop isn't usually the right context to go into situations associated with trauma or very strong emotions. For that, one-to-one support is recommended and I'm available to discuss that separately.

Your facilitator:

Robin Prospect (she or they) is a coach and facilitator. She trained in parts work in the Aletheia Advanced Coaching Programme, a transformational coaching modality with roots in Buddhism and neuroscience. Robin has facilitated workshops and retreats across many topics, years and countries. You can find out more about her work at

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