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Would you like to move more freely your body?

Would you like to explore non-human ways of moving?

Would you like to re-wild your body and unlearn what constraints it?

Would you like to question our human perception of the world?

Would you like to be more in tune with the environment?

This workshop is about trusting our feral nature and letting it speak through our moving bodies without judgment or censure. I will guide you in letting the mind take a step back, letting the body lead the way and ultimately letting yourself be surprised with what happens. This is about learning to let go of control so that we can experience being more connected to deeper parts of ourselves and what surrounds us. 

We will explore how to open up new ways of moving and being in our bodies by quieting our minds and becoming more aware of how our conditioning limits our range of movement vocabulary and behaviour. We will question and challenge through movement what is a human body and what a human body can or should do. We will learn to trust our feral body as a valid form of being in the world and with ourselves. We will explore the edges of our own movements and challenge our human-centered perspective of the world and its limits. How can we make ourselves more permeable to non-human ways of being on this planet? And what we can learn from their perspectives about the world and ourselves?

The workshop explores the feral body as a radical tool of thinking and being beyond the human. We will explore how anthropomorphic, anthropocentric and Anthropocene thinking limit the potential of our moving body and how to let our feral side unfurl through layers of conditioning by nurturing kinaesthetic and ecological awareness. 

All practices are simple, accessible and require no prior experience. The only thing you need is an open and curious mind and a willingness to explore unfamiliar movements.

This workshop is using practices from my new book How to Be Feral: Movement Practices to Re-wild your Body which is coming out this year with Triarchy Press.

We will start the workshop at 11 am and finish at 5pm with an hour lunch break in the middle. 

Facilitator bio

Claire is a movement artist, filmmaker, herbalist and anthropologist. Her movement practice is based outdoors in dialogue with nature and the more-than-human world. She regularly moves in Hackney Marshes where she has a project in collaboration with filmmaker Dominique Rivoal who has been filming her moving throughout the changing seasons of this natural landscape in the heart of the city for the last five years. She is the author of How to Be Feral: Movement Practices to Re-wild your Body, a philosophical movement book which challenges our human-centered perspective of the world and encourages us to think with our moving bodies and not just with our mind.

You can watch a documented short film of the four screen installation they built from the Hackney Marshes project 'We are plant, we are grass, we are Hackney Marshes'

Some films of Claire moving outdoors in Hackney Marshes:

This Urban Wild Field in Hackney Marshes

The Shared Space of Hackney Marshes

Welcoming the Spring in Hackney Marshes


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