Kalindi Jordan

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Website http://www.kalindijordan.com
Location Glastonbury, UK

Kalindi Jordan is an inspirational group facilitator and therapist, who works in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing, conscious relationships and transforming sexuality into spirituality.

She is an Alchemist of touch: unlocking the body and mind, creating flow and facilitating change. Bringing the understanding of how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy. Kalindi has a deep understanding of the human energy system, human psychology and sexual nature. This has come from devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and 30 years experience which includes running a busy full time practice and delivering her renowned signature programme Sensual Mastery.

Kalindi has gathered many grounded insights and wisdom gifts from her 1000’s of hours of bodywork with clients as well as in her personal journey through marriage, separation, mothering and a nourishing and loving 14 year, conscious long term relationship that continues to thrive.


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