Yoga In The Stars

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Location Yoga In The Stars, Grove Green Road, London, UK

1,000,000 miles away from a yoga studio. An expansive healthful community set in a beautiful home. Over 25 sessions a week to choose from. Experience health and fitness, esoteric practices, nutritional inspiration and community, with free weekly meet-ups and new experiences. 



We are more like a members club, or community for seekers and anyone interested in cultivating a healthy relationship with themselves, expanding states of consciousness, contentment and self-discovery, or maybe even finding a little more joy through community and connection. We offer regular yoga sessions, and self-practice space for members and non-members. We are very interactive. And as a club, we operate with our members.


Yoga in the Stars is a project by The Metahealth Movement, a not-for-profit working towards elevating health toward alignment with our optimal potential. The invitation is to evolve together.

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