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Do you ever get the feeling that we aren't living the way we should be? That by creating a world where everything is relative and all opinions are valid, we are left with nothing to unite us? 

And yet anyone who's taken psychedelics understands that of course we are united. They help us experience the fundamental truths of existence. We suddenly see that despite all the incredible diversity of experience and opinion on earth, we do in fact have a few common values as human beings

Metamodernism is a new type of grand narrative that explores these values and their role in our society's development. It is philosophy's latest answer to cynical postmodernism and society's yearning for meaning and authentic progression and expression. 

This month, we are thrilled to be hosting one of the world's leading philosopher-scholars on the subject, Emil Ejner Friis for Metamodernity: An Introduction.

With all the open-minded enthusiasm of the psychonaut, come delve deep into stage theories and see how to use this new lens can understand the trends in our politics, culture and ethics - and your own life.

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Nature Connection


Study on Psychedelics, Therapy and Wellbeing

Are you interested in how therapy and psychedelic substances may relate to mental emotional breakthroughs, psychological insight, and wellbeing?

If so, consider taking part in a 25-minute questionnaire for this research study from Bangor University

They are looking for participants who are 18 years of age or over and have experienced at least six sessions of counselling or psychotherapy. Please note that historic experience of psychedelic substances is not a requirement to take part. Participants are asked to complete a 25 minute, online questionnaire and may withdraw at any time.

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It's 2022 and we're excited to share even more content on our Video on Demand platform including this popular talk on transitioning into a career in the psychedelic space.

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