4.7/5 from 141 ratings
Fri 5th Feb 2021, 2:05pm
Fri 5th Feb 2021, 11:14am
Thu 4th Feb 2021, 7:39pm

The course was awesome, very well delivered and full of interesting material. Stephen is a great teacher, very kind and available, and very enthusiastic about the crypto world! 100% recommended if you want to have a deep dive introduction in the crypto and DeFi world.

Thu 4th Feb 2021, 4:42pm

An outstandingly resourceful course that it has left me generously infused with plenty of knowledge, balanced encouragement, insight and confident enough to get myself on board. Loving the group’s integration in Telegram to consolidate our learning and shared interests. It was very inspiring to see how so many brilliant inventions are already materialising so rapidly from this revolutionary and beautifully complex technology. An eye stretcher. With massive thanks to you, Stephen. Great teaching!

Wed 3rd Feb 2021, 5:57am
Mon 1st Feb 2021, 11:54am

I very much recommend this course, especially for the last session, which brought an extra twist of wonder and inspiration. Thanks, Stephen!

Mon 1st Feb 2021, 9:38am

Excellent course! Stephen really gives an in depth introduction so you can get the basics of DeFi.

Mon 1st Feb 2021, 9:30am
Sat 30th Jan 2021, 6:08pm
Fri 29th Jan 2021, 4:34pm