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Amrita Tantra evening explorations are an invitation to anyone curious about how these principles can expand and deepen ones relationship to life and each other.

During these drop in evenings, together we will explore a sense of deepening into inner connection with ourselves to therefore deepen relating with the interconnected nature of the weave of life.

Tantra means the awareness of โ€œ The weaving together of all that is!โ€œ

Tantra is not actually about sex, it is a philosophy, a way of being, a path to enlightenment that includes sex and relationship within its self enquiry journey.

These evenings will take you through a journey - coming out of mind into aware connection to your body, in and through, to grow inner intimacy with yourself. To then flow into connection with others while taking care to enquire around the nuances that arise around relating with another.

In this way we start to learn our habits, inhibitions, how to attend to the hurt and unsafe places within in a safe and slow way. Enabling us to step into a more conscious way of relationship. This is about growing embodied devotion for your life and each other. These playful evenings will involve movement, meditation, breath, touch, sound, expression, learning, boundaries and embodied 


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