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Another Life
by Sarena Ulibarri


"Another Life" tells the story of Galacia Aguirre, Mediator of Otra Vida, a utopian community built on the shores of a new Death Valley reservoir after the devastating effects of climate change. Galacia's role in Otra Vida is to guide the community through disputes, maintain a sense of harmony, and ensure everyone's needs are met.

The book opens with Galacia attending a potluck where her neighbors are excited about the results of their reincarnation analysis, a new science project conducted by Diego, her baby cousin. When she finally receives her own results, Galacia is shocked to learn that her past life was Thomas Ramsey, a notorious climate change denier and conman who led the disastrous Planet B movement.

Galacia grapples with the implications of her identity, trying to reconcile the actions of Ramsey with the good she’s done in her current life. The discovery sparks conflict in Otra Vida, as people question Galacia's trustworthiness and grapple with the implications of reincarnation on their own lives.

The story unfolds with flashbacks to Galacia's past, including her crucial role in spearheading the Oil to Water Project, which used repurposed oil infrastructure to desalinate seawater and bring fresh water to California. These flashbacks paint a picture of Galacia’s dedication to building a better future, highlighting her leadership and compassion.

As the story progresses, a bombing in Barstow, followed by another in Las Vegas, throws the community into chaos. Galacia finds herself caught in a complex web of suspicion and misinformation, accused of being responsible for the violence. This leads to a conflict with Tanner, a young Inheritor, who challenges Galacia for the position of Mediator, highlighting a generational gap within the community.

The novel delves into the complexities of identity and legacy, exploring how the actions of the past can impact the present and future. Galacia seeks guidance from Nylah, her former best friend, who practices past life regression. During an attempt to access her own memories, Galacia has a harrowing experience that reveals a past life as a hunted tiger.

Through a series of dramatic events, including an armed standoff with the Protectors (California’s police force) and a bombing at the Farm Tower, Galacia is forced to confront the darkness of her past and the possibility that it may define her future.

The book culminates in a tense election where Galacia steps down as Mediator, choosing to support Tanner, a younger generation's voice for change. The story ends with Galacia contemplating the future of Otra Vida and the ongoing challenges of building a better world in the face of a troubled past.