Double Holotropic Breathwork ® - Experiential Weekend

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Double Holotropic Breathwork®, Experiential Weekend at 


LONDON / 21-24 / Sept

A potent experiential technique to access self-discovery and move toward wholeness. Created by the legendary pioneering psychiatrist, Stanislav Grof MD. Ph.D., together with his prior wife, Christina Grof at the Esalen Institute in California.


The Psychedelic Society and Yoga in the Stars are hosting a double Holotropic Breathwork intensive with Sonia Telle, M.A, a somatic psychotherapist licensed by the state of California.



through non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The name Holotropic, a composite word coined by Stanislav Grof, from the Greek “holos”= whole and “trepein”= moving towards something, indicates the idea of the psyche “moving toward wholeness.” Such as the plants always moving in the direction of the Sun.

Holotropic Breathwork is a highly experiential method recommended for those interested in their personal and spiritual growth through deep inner exploration. Stan Grof’s main concept is that the wisdom of our 'inner healer' will direct us and bring to our consciousness what is best and most healing for us, at any given moment.



The process itself combines accelerated breathing with evocative music which helps to amplify the experience and release stuck or unconscious material.

The sessions are done in pairs. During each breathwork session, the participants are lying on a mat with eyes closed, while using the power of their own breath and evocative music to enter an expanded state of consciousness (NOSC).

Such states are shown to activate our innate inner wisdom, bringing healing, release and/or insight For this, we honor the main 3 guidelines of any work with holotropic states: the preparation, the experience and the integration of the experience.

Once the breathwork session is complete, the breather is invited to draw a mandala of their experience. This does not require drawing skills!

Additional elements of the process include focused energy release, when the body needs support releasing and healing.

The sessions are then followed by a sharing circle where people can share their experience + a talk or practice of integration, to support the content of the breathwork session.



Supporting psychedelic experiences


This workshop offers the opportunity to practice the 'role of the sitter' according to the requirements of the Holotropic Breathwork training and some other psychedelic-assisted therapy trainings.

Following the prohibition of using psychedelics in research in the 1970s, Stan and his then wife, Christina Grof, developed Holotropic Breathwork as a means of inviting non-ordinary states of consciousness through a combination of deep breathing, evocative music, and careful attention to set and setting.

Expect a ten hour day, when including 2 breathwork sessions in a day in addition to the sharing group. (Aproximately 3 hours per beathwork).





In advance of the gathering, you will complete an application form where we will screen to be sure this modality is suitable for you. Prior to gathering, the group will meet in circle to learn about the process in greater depth, connect, and finalize preparations.

Sitters and Breathers

Expect a three hour breathing session in a context marked by unconditional acceptance and emotional support. The group is divided into pairs - "sitters" & "breathers" and the session divided into two, three-hour breathing sessions, alternating in the roles.
The sitter’s role is simply to be present and available to assist the breather—not to interfere, interrupt, or try to guide the process. The same is true for trained facilitators, who are available as helpers if necessary.

The Setting

The setting is a key part of working with expanded states of consciousness as it allows the breather to open up to its experience with greater sense of confidence. This state activates the natural "inner radar" process of the individual’s psyche, onsetting the breather a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content that emerges is unique to each person. While recurring themes are common, every session is different.


An integration is carried out to weave and anchor the process into creative expression and verbal language.
You will complete a mandala and also be guided through a creative embodiment practice in the form of meditation, writing and movement,
A sharing circle will showcase your mandala, as you’ll share the essence of your own experience and insigths in a sharing circle between you and the group.


Thursday 21st September 5pm- 8pm 

Meditation, opening circle and introduction to the theory and practice of Holotropic Breathwork. 

We will give an overview of Stanislav Grof's life and his map of consciousness based on his work with psychedelic therapies. 

We'll introduce the various elements of Holotropic Breathwork: breath, inner healer, the role of the breather, the role of the sitter, the bodywork, music and Mandala drawing

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 9am-8pm 

2 daily breathwork sessions where each person will breathe and sit twice 

Sharing circle

Sunday 24th September 9am-1pm 

Sharing circle and 2 hour practice of integration 

Talk on the importance of integration following the work with NOSC (Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness) + Q&A

The week after the workshop

Zoom follow-up and integration (dates tbc)

*Lunch hour and regular breaks included, please bring your own lunch / snacks / water bottle


Sonia Telle 

Sonia Telle is a Somatic Psychotherapist licensed by the state of California. She works in her private practice with individuals and couples. She has a passion for Holotropic Breathwork and offers workshops in Northern California and Europe. She has worked closely with Stan Grof since 2000 and with GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) and has trained with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) to work with MDMA-Assisted psychotherapy.

She offers integration sessions to help those who want to integrate their experiences with Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC) and has provided consultation for those training in Holotropic Breathwork or who work with NOSC.

Psychotherapy offices: In California, Oakland and San Francisco, or virtually www.soniatelle,com

DISCLAIMER: Since Holotropic Breathwork® may bring up intense feelings or strong physical and emotional releases, you should not practice this modality if you have a history of: Cardiovascular issues | High blood pressure (Glaucoma) | Epilepsy | Recent injury or surgery | Any condition requiring regular medication | Panic attacks | Psychosis | Seizure disorders| Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

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