The Resonant Man: Inviting Vision

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Introducing the Resonant Man 


In the Resonant Man Initiative we create a sacred space to align with our truth and purpose. We cultivate the qualities of deep listening, presence and emergent dialogue, supporting one another to speak and act from a deeper ground. Rather than responding to uncertainty by attempting to assert control or retreating behind rigid identity, the Resonant Man actively attunes to life’s mysterious unfoldment.

The Resonant Man is a movement of cultural transformation. In summer 2024, our summer program will invite men to tune in around four themes over  open zoom sessions. Harnessing collective vision, transformative practice, and accountability, we will call forth the Resonant Man within ourselves and one another.

More than an initiative, the Resonant Man is a spirit and an embodied presence available to us, and between us, as Matthew and Jacob have begun to discover.

The Resonant Man summer program is offered free of cost. 

Register here for “Inviting Vision” on Sunday June 23rd at 7pm BST:  

View the full, free summer program and see the other three sessions here: