Shamanic Drum Birthing, 3-Day Workshop

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Welcome! Hello Lovely People ๐Ÿ™‚

Star Child Events has invited Marcin Kuc and Marzena Bernadeta Maria to visit us in the southwest, all the way from Yorkshire!

They have come highly recommended and with open hearts. We are excited to invite you to journey with us, where you will give birth to your very own Shamanic drum!

The Shamanic drum is a sacred instrument whose sound is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The journey you will take to birth your drum is not only about the creation of the drum itself, but also a journey to the deepest parts of your body and soul, where we can find many answers.

This truly life-changing experience allows you to connect with the experience of the present moment within the journey of your life. Helping with acceptance, allowing transformation and letting go of everything that no longer serves you and transmuting it into new positive energy, strength, love, light and truth.

This offering can help us to open up and meet our spirit guides, ancestors, and power animals. Helping us to create deeper connections by helping us to understand and learn how to work with them and meet them in a new and powerful way.

This deep Shamanic journey over three days will invite you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with your highest and most authentic self, making a true connection with Mother Earth's Heart.

This experience will allow you to let go of the old and birth something new into your life through movement, rituals, ceremonies, meditations and much more.

We will be working inside and outside, creating a close connection to Mother Earth, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Devonshire countryside.

During the workshop:



Shamanic Journeys


Shamanic Dance

And much more, depending on where spirit decides to take us.


***Please Note that this Workshop is 100% free of alcohol, drugs and any Plant medicine. We will be working only with our Body, Heart and Spirit***


This workshop is for anyone who is feeling the call to embark on this new journey, no experience is necessary.

This workshop is also for those who are experienced, e.g. teachers, and workshop leaders who would like to explore going deeper within their spiritual journey.

This workshop will be led by Marcin and his beloved Marzena, ensuring that you will be held in a balanced and safe space, supported by the sacred masculine and feminine energies throughout your time with them.


About Marcin Kuc :

I offer Shamanic Drum and Rattle Birthing Ceremonies and workshops in England and around the World.

For many years now I have been on the Shamanic path and I share a deep connection with Nature Spirits and Earth Heart.

I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge with people and to hold space for Shamanic Workshops, Ceremonies and Rituals.

I work closely with the Heart of Mother Earth through the sound of my drum, I also work with the drums I birth for others. The sacred sound of every drum brings the sacred melody of life from many places on this planet now.

I am the founder of the Shamanic Dance for men "Wild Man Dance"

I Live with my family, on a farm in England, Yorkshire where apart from my work, I live a simple life. Every day moving forward open to new experiences, lessons and the never-ending journey on myself ๐Ÿ™‚

If you would like to have a look at my work, please have a look at the link below :


๐ŸคŽ About Marzena Bernadeta Maria:

I am a daughter of Mother Earth. Born in the second lunar month, under the care of the Second Clan Mother - Keeper of Wisdom. I read the wisdom written in the Stone Beings, respecting the truth and knowledge of Planetary Memory. I teach the art of friendship by standing in my truth. Connected with Mother Earth through my moon blood, and Father Sky through my Hawk's breath.

I express myself through dance. I come back to myself through Yoga and Meditation in Nature. I live with my family on a beautiful farm in the hills with horses in England.

Feeling the pulse of Mother Earth's heartbeat, I create Shamanic Drums, and listening to the wind - Father's breath - I create ceremonial rattles. I teach human beings how to reconnect with Heaven and Earth, the Elements and being in the present every second of their lives. I help people understand themselves and others by reading Numerology and see insight into the future by reading cards. I teach contact with the animals of the force. I also take care of animals living around us for many years and I understand their language of energy.

I heal horses with touch, massage and herbs.

I teach people how to contact and understand animals, respecting their world.


True Love Creations

Shamanic Drums and Rattles

Workshops, Retreats and Ceremonies

With Love

Marcin and Marzena ๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿ’š


Organised by Star Child Events x

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