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ReFi Practitioners and Earth Regenerators from around the world are gathering in Barichara, Colombia, for a transformative collaboration in the design and creation of #ReFi tools applied to the regeneration of an entire bioregion.

This event will take place October 3-7, 2022, in between two major web3/crypto conferences happening in Colombia:

Cosmoverse Medellín (Sept 26th-28th)
Devcon Bogotá (Oct. 11th-14th)


Field Site Visits  →  Sense and feel into the complexities of real, on-the-ground contexts.

Exploring Community Design Challenges →  Weave and explore with the community to reveal on-the-ground challenges and needs.

Design Immersions → Begin the design and creation process of solution tools based on the on-the-ground context. 

Connection & Deepening → Connect in purposeful community and deepen into the sensing, integration, and embodiment of regeneration through ceremony and ritual.

Becoming a Seed →  Join together with the community in becoming seeds of transformation for an entire biogregion.

This is Regenerative Design Based in Real Community and Landscape
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ReFi Barichara Event $100
Join us on all our field site visits, panels, talks and workshops.
Add an additional donation to support the Barichara Territorial Foundation in its work to regenerate the Barichara Bioregion. (minimum $10)
Donations go to the Barichara Regeneration Fund through the U.S. Non-Profit Possible Planet.

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