Temple of the Jade Palace Held by Kalindi Jordan and Shanti

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Hosted by Kalindi Jordan
Enquiries to kalindijordanpa@gmail.com
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Welcome to the women’s temple

This will be a tender loving space of self-love, opening gently to the divine pleasure and intimacy we women can share with each other as sisters, play mates and lovers. Our guiding goddess for this temple of sacred sexuality is Kwan Yin.

We will begin the temple by you learning how to use a Jade egg and be taken on a Jade egg ritual. Connection to our vagina helps us to anchor more deeply within our sexual centre, to open the inner gateway to sacred union, is a powerful part of a woman's body in its ability to transform and ignite creativity.

Sexual energy as a healing art – Awaken a connection with life

Our sexual energy has the capacity, when open and clear, to take our energy into the cosmic realms. The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Cultivates sexual energy, focuses attention and stimulates sensation in the area. Increases sensitivity in the vagina area. Enables conscious connection to this area if one has previously felt disconnected. On an energetic level it trains our body to draw energy upwards through our root into our body systems. Increases blood circulation and improves the natural flow of hormones. Activating the gift of deep dreaming within the feminine, connecting to our inner vision, intuition and knowing.

Then we will enter into an evening women's temple, allowing the flow from our activation to move into our inner womb knowing, deepening into exploring yourselves, and if you choose, alongside, or with your sisters. We will open into a soft space of exploration of your devotional erotic, sensual, playful love nature in free temple space. The temple will have spaces to be alone and together, in chanting, massaging, in Eros pleasure, and through offering acts of devotion to each other and your inner lover.

You will need a Jade egg, please bring your own or you can also buy them from Kalindi ( pay in advance and receive on the day)

Also if you have a preferred lube then please bring that also. We will supply coconut oil if needed.


Date : Saturday 28th September

Time : 2pm to 10.00pm

Venue : Wild Goose, The Yard, Ashley Vale, St. Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9YP

Cost : Price £80, Low income - £70, Abundant supporters £90

Things to bring: 

  • Jade egg
  • An offering/flower for the shrine to the divine Feminine and Masculine
  • A yoga/camping/roll matt if you have one
  • One or two pillows
  • Something tasty and delicious to share with the group for snacking and grazing during the event.
  • We will provide herbal teas and a fruit platter.

Further information: 

You will need to have a vagina to attend this temple due to the nature of the journey. 

You don’t need to have experience of being in similar spaces, however a certain level of awareness, openness and willingness to explore is essential for your own self-care and also the synergy of the group.  

We invite you to come, just as you are and feel. We know that being in these environments can bring up a lot of emotions. This is a safe space to welcome them and work with them in an embodied, held and ritual temple space. The evening will be held throughout. 

FOR SAME SEX COUPLES: Please make your agreements together before you arrive at Temple. It is totally fine if you wish to stay purely with each other during the night. 

If you are bleeding, please bring a towel for you to lay on whilst using the Jade egg.  You have the choice to engage as much or as little in the Jade egg practise as you wish. 


Please eat your main meal before the Temple. 

Come freshly showered. 

Wear something comfortable, sensual, and sexy (if you like).

Please do not wear strong smells as others may have very sensitive noses.

Please arrive on time at 2pm. The doors will close at 2.15pm. This is a closed container and people arriving after this time will not be admitted.

Parking is free in the residential streets near the Wild Goose, but please don't park in the Yard itself. 

Please be discrete and quiet as you arrive and leave. 



We have a no refund policy for the Temple. However, you are welcome to sell your ticket on to a friend. If you do so, please do let us know and send us their email so we can give the info about the temple. 

Any questions please contact Shanti on 07875 151582

Welcoming you with an open heart,


Kalindi & Shanti


About us:


Kalindi Jordan is an inspirational group facilitator and therapist, who works in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing, conscious relationships and transforming sexuality into spirituality.

She is an Alchemist of touch: unlocking the body and mind, creating flow and facilitating change. Bringing the understanding of how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy. Kalindi has a deep understanding of the human energy system, human psychology and sexual nature. This has come from devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and 30 years experience which includes running a busy full time practice and delivering her renowned signature programme Sensual Mastery and the Amrita Couples Tantra Programme. 


Shanti has been practising tantra for 25 years. 

She is a mama, healer, mover, somatic educator, artist and Creative. 

She is intuitive, playful, a tribal gatherer and a little bit witchy.

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Low income £70
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