I am under the impression that “the knowing field" of systemic and family constellations is a discovery akin to the unconscious.  I also am am under the impression that this is different from the concept of the collective unconscious, pioneered by C.G. Jung. 

Here we will engage in a series of workshops that use the modality of systemic constellations to “constellate” traditional folktales, mythologies, and fairy tales. The goal engage in these archetypal stories in new ways, replenish our source, and create new myths and stories for today. 

Burt Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations, of which this is related, uses phrases and stories to re order family systems. What happens when we transform these archetypal stories with our own phrases that come to us from the knowing field.

In each workshop, participants are given characters from the story that we are constellating and we feel into the roles we are representing to understand the order that emerges. Participants do not have to know the story before hand. After constellating the tale, we will have an opportunity to discuss what arose, any new stories that emerge, and we will share and revisit the original story itself. 

Archetypal Constellations is now full with all 20 places taken