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Malika Avani guides a two hour ground-breaking Autumn ceremony, to support conscious entrepreneurs to deepen their inner alchemy of their elemental ancestry.


Are you feeling something new percolating within?

Are you feeling to be witnessed in this completion into the new, embodied?

Are you birthing something new in service to the crumbling old?


The current breed of Entrepreneurs are Warrior Alchemists.

We are responding to the unmet, silenced and the excluded parts of our LIVING self.

We are warriors who are willing to protect and be in service of LIVING SYSTEMS, coming back into alignment in service to LIFE.

An alchemist is devoted to deepen the inner-standing of the LIVING ELEMENTAL.

Many are looking for Chemistry, but very few find Alchemy.


Alchemy brings us home to the aliveness of everything that we are surrounded with.

Alchemy humbles us to deepen our surrender to the UNKNOWN.

Alchemy recognises that we are made of the 4 LIVING ELEMENTALS and with the right mastery a fruition of the eternal Sacred Fifth.

Come discover the eternal Sacred Fifth with this embodied practice bringing deeper awareness within our memory rich body of nerves tributaries. 

An intentional energetic prune and praise as courageous warrior alchemist of these Great Trials and Tribulation.

What will persist after skins shed and uprooting Winds?

Come join this autumn Elemental Alchemy experience with Malika Avani, creative consultant muse and alchemist.


“Maktub" (It is written.)”― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist