If you'd like to come to the next big gathering about our community land project, then first read the application process here.

These are the criteria that you'll need to meet:

Essential Criteria:

- Someone who wants to be proposed.

- Someone who, having read What we know so far and Project Plan, has significant desire and enthusiasm to make this communal rural land project happen.

(NB: Project Plan is a working document)

- Someone who is interested in and excited about collaborating with the people involved so far.

- Someone with skills and experiences that actively contribute to the creation of the community.

- Someone who assumes goodwill and critiques constructively where necessary.

- To have been proposed and seconded by two existing members of the group who themselves have been to at least one gathering and who have known the applicant well for at least a year and ideally much longer.

- Someone not blocked by the existing participants.

Desirable Criteria:

- Committed organisers.
- Someone who can work on the project in between gatherings
- Has expertise in finance, legal or renewable energies
- Outside the 20-40 age bracket