Join us for a wild gathering as we honour the essence of the forest.

With falling leaves, earlier sunsets and longer shadows, Autumn is a precious season which reminds us of the ever changing cycle of life. Light fades and life begins to turn inwards, inviting us to rest, reflect and let go. But this time of year is also when strange and mystical forms begin to appear from the forest floors… 

This gathering is to honour the turn in the season and the time when our fungi friends flourish. We will journey through practises inspired by mycelial intelligence to celebrate the interconnectedness with all that surrounds us.

Awaken your playful nature and tune into the sacred cycles of earth.

The wisdom of these mystical organisms give us the opportunity to commune with the abundance and magic of Autumn. By remembering our kindred connection with the land and her rhythms, we reawaken the true nature of ourselves within community.

The home of the Forestling…

Forestlings will gather in an off-grid eco-village nestled in a wild wooded valley near Bath. We will sleep in lovingly hand-crafted eco dwellings, including yurts, log cabins and cob roundhouses.

Explore the old cherry wood forest and the liminal lake for a nymph-swim.

Sing and tell stories around the campfire and unwind in a luxurious woodland sauna.

Our forestling home has been lovingly designed to reawaken the senses and remember our wild nature.


What’s included?

Mushroom cultivation workshop

Fungi foraging

Shared or private forestling abodes

Local, seasonal + foraged feasts

Mycelial inspired movement and breathwork

Encounters with Lion’s Mane tincture

Wood-fired sauna + wilderness

Wild lake swimming

Fireside song + storytelling

Fungi myths + folklore

Open hearth fire cooking