Welcome to the Frome Everything is Connected Camp!  May 3rd — 6th 2019

For the third year we will be spending time together in a beautiful wooded valley in Devon, being together, cooking together, making music, sharing together and celebrating our community.

The site is steep and heavily wooded, the camping terraces have been lovingly sculpted from the hillside.  It's very beautiful, but also very small.  This year we can bring a maximum of fifty people, including children.  Please apply to come by giving your name and answering the questions below. 

Priority will be given to people who have been involved with organising the camp, or the dance, as well as people who dance on Friday nights regularly  it really is a coming together and celebration of our dancing community.  We are also going to have to restrict the number of children to ensure that there is a good balance between adults and children.  We want people who don't have young children still feel like it is a camp for them.  So decisions about who can come may also be based on the availability of children's spaces.

Please be understanding and gracious if you are unable to secure a place on the camp this year. We are considering moving to a larger site next year to meet the demand. You could also use this cool platform to organise an alternative event!

Just for your information (you won't need to pay anything at this stage) the costs of the camp are adults £70, children £10.  This year all food costs are included with the camp price.  Any excess money from the camp will go towards the running costs of the weekly dance.  

We are using this cool new platform to organise the camp.  That means that every adult who wants to come needs to apply.  It also means that the camp is much more explicitly a co-created gathering; everyone who comes will be a part of making this camp wonderful.

Thank you and love from the Camp Organising Team