Co-creators 5/100

Fair friends and gentle folk,

Let us rejoice once more, as only we know how!

Ride your steed steadfast to Ragnarök Castle so that we may see the summer away - medieval style!

Hear the bards' lyrics;

laugh at the jesters fooling;

bravely joust in our mêlée;

dance the night away with our pepped-up troupe of mistrels!

What's yer poison?

Drink deep all ye from the monks' (of Buckfast Abbey) special tonic; taste the witches' brew; try the wizards' elixirs!

Hunger at the door?

Have no fear! Taste the grand banquets of yore - today!

Raring for adventure?

Then have at thee (!) and heed the call of Ragnarök's King and Queen, whose quest no less is to slay some beastly dragon and capture a hoard of treasure!


HEAR YE, this rejoicement is a FANCY DRESS AFFAIR - so bring forth ye big sleeves, tabards, capes, big chains, long robes, unweildy beards, headpieces and so forth!