A co-created Men’s Immersion with opportunities to contribute workshops, ceremonies and other offerings throughout a semi-structured program.  

The program will be an exploration of the Masculine Archetypes through experiential workshops, somatic processes and collective theoretical exploration. 

We welcome all ideas and input into the schedule for the community to vote upon, if you'd like to contribute - everything is welcome, nothing is expected.



A pilgrimage, A rites of passage, a journey both onward and inward, and a crusade into the depths and magnificence of our collective and individual masculinity. 

A space to truly galvanise what it really means to be a man, to question the masculine persona that modern western society projects onto us and embeds so deeply into our psyche, and our personal situations and circumstances have further perpetuated, to reconsider how we treat one another, how we treat women and how we treat ourselves.

To love and nurture our inner child that was taught to be tough and told to swallow their emotions - to ‘man up’ and ‘grow some balls’. To explore the masculine archetypes and how they manifest in our individual lives, not as an attempt be a perfect man, but to take a pure quality, and use it as an ideal to follow.

 Learning to be in touch with one's emotions can change lives, and the way men are traditionally taught to hold them in can be connected to an avalanche of unhealthy outcomes. In a society that traditionally views masculine traits as strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness, there is no greater gift than the space and opportunity to call in the opposite, and to rather embrace the compassionate, sensitive, supportive, empathetic, tender part that resides deep within all of us, but that we are often afraid to connect with.

The current socio-political landscape is attempting to rewrite masculinity, to step away from the tyrannical patriarchy and to honour the feminine, as women lead a new stage of evolution: the shift from achievement to self-actualisation.

Are men and boys just the victims of cultural brainwashing into misogyny and aggression, requiring reeducation into the ‘right’ beliefs? Or are these problems more deep-seated, and created by the myriad insecurities and contradictions of men’s lives under gender inequality? The problem with a crusade against toxic masculinity is that in targeting culture as the enemy, it risks overlooking the real-life conditions and forces that sustain culture.

Our culture is lacking a rites of passage, a ritual that marks the change in status from boyhood to manhood, from girlhood to womanhood, or a process that marks a major milestone or change in a person’s life. They exist in cultures around the world, but In the UK today, a rites of passage has been belittled to drinking too much on your 18th birthday or losing your virginity, with no real lessons, no growth, no real catalyst for change. We need to reintegrate these rituals in western culture, to provide a sacred space, to evoke sense of renewal and belonging, a connection with our past, and to help us make sense of change by overcoming fears.



Cae Mabon is an exquisite space at the foothills of the Snowdonia Mountains, on the edge of a lake, with a Celtic Roundhouse at its heart, home to many convivial evenings of fireside story and song. Circling this hub-hearth is a family of seven elegant dwellings including a geodome, a Mongolian yurt, an Iranian shavan, cob cottages, two roundhouses, a straw bale hogan, a cedar cabin, a thatched shower hut with river water heated by a wood stove, a “loo with a view”, a sweat lodge and a wood-burning cedar hot tub.


We’ve got 2 options for the climb:

1) Snowdon mountain (Yr Wyddfa) in northern Wales - the highest point in England and Wales at 1,085 metre (3,560 feet) and named after the Welsh phrase for Snowdonia — literally, the Land of the Eagle. With options to climb both the ‘easy’ route, or ‘Crib Goch' - described as a "knife-edged" arête and one of the best scrambling points in the country. 

2) Yr Aran. Described by some as a “perfect mountain”, this sister peak to Snowdon sits at 747.2 metres (2451 feet). This climb includes the option for cold water swimming and a visit to Dinas Emrys, once known as “The Druidic Stronghold” and “Fort of Fiery Higher Powers”.

These Climbs are 6-8 hour hikes and require reasonable fitness levels. If you're not up to the hike for whatever reason, you'll be able to stay at Cae Mabon for the day, and chill in the hot-tub, or swim in the lake!

*The climb will be weather dependent and is subject to change/not take place if required.



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