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Do you want to become a rewilder?
Do you dream of rewilding a piece of land but don’t know how to get there?
Do you already have a place to rewild, or know someone that manages land, and need some support?
Do you wish to become a rewilding practitioner or advisor?

Introducing the UK’s first in-depth, blended rewilding training programme featuring experienced and knowledgeable rewilders as the teachers.

With Prof. Alastair Driver, Derek Gow, Cain Blythe, Rebecca Wrigley, Ivan de Klee, Alan Watson Featherstone, Dominic Buscall, Rina Quinlan, Mark Elliott, Robin Bowman, Laura Fairs, Jack Scuse, Nick Kirsop-Taylor, Ashleigh Brown, Kate Morley, Mike Cooke and Elliott Fairs