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Location Totnes

ADAMA is our events production company, hosting conscious events at The Hairy Barista, Totnes. 

ADAMA hosts live-concerts, transformational workshops, community events, meditation, movement & sound workshops, film screenings, conscious DJ's, cacao ceremonies, & informative talks. It is through these events that we cultivate connection. 

ADAMA is the Hebrew word for Ground or Earth. AdamA is the Feminine; the connection that needs to be cultivated.

We give our stage to exceptional local artists & facilitators, of which Totnes and its surroundings has many, as well as prominent international artists & renowned speakers. 

Our musicians attribute to the genres #newage #alternative #worldmusic #medicinemusic #healingmusic #spiritual #electronic #downtempo & more.

Our workshops & talks are about topics that benefit and deepen the connection with ourselves,  our bodies, the connection with each other, with our planet & spirit.

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