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Location Totnes

Adama is our events production company, hosting events at The Hairy Barista, Totnes. 

Adama hosts live-concerts, transformational workshops, community events and informative talks. It is through these events that we cultivate connection. 

Adama is the Hebrew word for ground or Earth. Adama is the Feminine; the connection that needs to be cultivated.

We give our stage to exceptional local artists and facilitators, of which Totnes and its surroundings has many, as well as prominent international artists and renowned speakers. 

Our musicians attribute to the genres #newearth #alternative #worldmusic #medicinemusic #country #healingmusic #spiritual #electronic #downtempo and more 

Our workshops and talks are about topics that benefit and deepen the connection with ourselves, and our bodies, the connection with each other, with our planet and spirit.

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