Casita Yoga Battersea

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Location Katherine Low Settlement, 108 Battersea High St, London SW11 3HP, UK

Casita (meaning ‘little home’ in Spanish) Yoga Battersea is driven by community and connection, offering yoga and wellbeing practices with a commitment to being inclusive and accessible to all. We offer a range of classes for all levels, abilities, and ages across two locations - Katherine Low Settlement and Ethelburga Community Centre.

Our concept is inspired by the Disney movie ‘Encanto’. Encanto celebrates the power of welcome and the importance of community. In the movie, the Madrigal family use their powers to give to the community, but when they need help, the community is there for them.

We want to build a community around our Yoga Studio and teachers. A community that unites children and parents, friends and family through yoga and wellbeing practices.


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