Connection Jam

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Location Brighton, Brighton and Hove, UK

An evening of meaningful connection through playful conversational games.

Bypass the bullsh*t and get back to being humans together. At a Connection Jam, we make space for genuine conversation, playful communication, and real appreciation.

Through a series of facilitated interactions designed to foster instant connection and authentic sharing, you will be encouraged to drop in deeper than the usual patterns of small talk and surface level chat to reveal your more-true self - and be welcomed, exactly as you are.

At Connection Jam, we donโ€™t prescribe what sort of relationships you might create. Friends? Lovers? Bandmates? Business partners? A new running / cinema / boardgame / crochet buddy? Itโ€™s all possible! The question is: what sort of connection do you want to make?

This is a safe(r) and brave space that is open to all, regardless of gender, sexuality, relationship status, etc etc. Everything is optional, and you will be empowered in your choice to take part!








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