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The Drilosphere

The Drilosphere hosts events on and off line for people to meet, to explore and digest what needs to be digested in order for us to create and inhabit desirable futures.

The drilosphere is the fraction of soil which has gone through the digestive tract of earthworms, or the lining of an earthworm burrow.

Earthworms redistribute crop residue to lower soil horizons, providing macropores for root growth, increasing water infiltration, enhancing soil quality and organic matter, and stimulating nitrogen cycling.

There is much crumbling around us as we become familiar with what it means to live with Covid-19, ecological collapse and multiple other crises that are present and demanding our attention.

Through new forms of conversations and practices that explore what is crumbling inside ourselves as well as around us, together we can delve deeply into where we are coming from and look at what new patterns can be made from what has already happened and is happening. We come together to sink into the soil as drilos โ€“ earthworms - to (re-)create healthy compost. The drilosphere thus becomes a welcoming space, where intimacy with our own and others stories allow our perceptions to shift, new paths to emerge and profound relationships to develop.

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