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Location London, UK

Venus Rose Club (VRC) is an intuitive astro*circle, self-becoming project and love note to the planet Venus; calling-in the glorious reclamation and graceful return of the Feminine Principle^.

We're launching our membership programme this year so that we can bring like-minded and like-spirited souls together to deepen into their own self-healing journeys.

Our 'club' is more of a hang-out. It's a space where we’ll share, laugh and love. As we deepen our faith in Venus, we’ll deepen our connection with our bodies and with each other. We’ll stargaze. We’ll ask tough questions. We’ll celebrate. 
We’ll learn from the oldest archetypal energies and mythologies. We’ll soul-search. We’ll know joy. We’ll become.

Commit to your-Self, and join us 🌹



^VRC is for all those who wish to connect with their own Feminine Self. We believe the Feminine Self is an energetic within each of us, within every living being. It is not the same as identifying with female as a gender. And we see the Feminine Principle as the collective energy, beyond the individual Self.

VRC is hosted by women, so almost by default it mainly attracts circles of women but it's not limited in this way. Whether you're a modern-day stargazer, astro-curious, or simply intrigued by the energies around us, you are welcome.


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