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Organisation The Psychedelic Society
Contact email roisinmccarthygreen@hotmail.co.uk

We like to think of this work as a safe and fertile ground to expand your experience of sensation; and these are real exercises that can elicit true emotional responses. We will put in place a container that will hold you and us safely, if you would like to join and have some questions about this being right for you at this time then please contact us to discuss anything. We ask people to come in a pair with a person that they are happy to work with, someone you trust to explore with, a friend, lover, partner etc. If this is not where you are at please get in touch and lets see what we can do. This workshop is not explicitly sexual; however, you may find yourself playing with erotic energy and status. The exercises will be fully clothed, you will not be required to give or receive touch. We also include an awareness of how oppressive conditioning affects the process of playing with status. 


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