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When was the last time YOU Fought for Fun? 

Spend a weekend morning waking up into laughter and life-force. Throw out the how-do-you-do's and explore unconventional ways of really meeting people; whilst benefiting from a great work-out. 
As well as a joyful way to engage the body - Playfighting can be a tool for insight, understanding and transformation - in sense of self, and in relationships. It enables a return to innocence, so that we can explore our strength and sensations together as adults from a place of empowerment. In the ring we can become aware of our subtle competitive strategies, and how they can play-out outside of the workshop arena. Ultimately Playfighting can help us notice blindspots; overcome adversities; make peace; and apply new attitudes as confidence grows.

Celebrate Summer vibes, as we crawl and bump into each other; circle; chase; mimic; outwit, dance; wrestle and generally rumpus... This class will be rooted in basics - with a focus on the important foundations of Playfighting and an emphasis on Connection. We include games, some techniques, physical play, conscious competition and energetic catharsis - with plenty of time to spar in a held Playfighting ring. Open to fitties, fatties, scardey-cats, small-people, & all genders; and always run as container for experimentation at your own level. 

The great thing about Playfighting; alongside the giggles and intensity, is that none of the stakes are real. You can set your own parameters and stop anytime - making it the perfect setup to find the exact conditions where you can explore your own edge. Whether you're in it for the experience of power, surrender, or anything else - you can configure your ideal situation for maximum joy or optimum insight.



"...I felt challenged and safe the whole time. I was amazed at how quickly connections ran deep with people, and it was a very lighthearted way to learn a lot about myself...” Charlie

"So Much Fun! ...I haven't laughed so much in ages. Rozi is an enthusiastic, clear and engaging teacher" Sarah

"I feel great! Like a gym and playground all rolled into one" Andrew

"Really accessible & safe. Despite my health restrictions, I could participate & was supported..... Thx to Rozi for putting on such a breakthrough adventurous safe space. She manges to weave so much fun & play into these beautiful sessions." Richard

"Down to earth and fun but also nourishing and healing and life-giving"

"I feel closer to my inner lion-cub as a result and am still 4 days later riding the high from the session. I've been talking about it to people non-stop."

"Great fun. A tonic to the serious job of living... I hooted with laughter, roared with anger and giggled with joy."

"I arrived with my body hurting in a bad way and left with it hurting in a good way!"

"Absolutely loved being able to explore my power"

Whether you have fought before with PlayfightingUK, or informally with friends, or you're just curious to reclaim some playful power and experiment in a safe space; you're welcome to join us 


Rozi Hilton

A multi-skilled facilitator, Rozi holds-space at the intersection of Play and personal-development - teaching embodied awareness and authenticity. She learned Playfighting from Frank and Sheila Crux as well as Matteo Tangi and Bruno Caverna; and runs PlayfightingUK - bringing the practice to festivals and events all over the country.

Rozi is a director of Wild Women Retreats and Catalista Leadership, and runs her own mentoring programmes. Her skills involve poetry, fooling, experience-design and nature connection, and are heavily influenced by the methodologies of Biodanza and Process Work.

She has a playful family with two rambunctious boys - and lives to enable awareness, acceptance and expression. Rozi considers her work a form of cultural activism.

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