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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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Wander with us into the enchanted woodland, where the forest floor comes alive with the hum of unseen magic…


Together we will embark on a 6 day journey, delving into the wondrous realm of the mycelial world and immersing ourselves in the captivating woodland setting of Cae Mabon in Snowdonia, where nature's magic awaits. 


Experience the fungal realm in all its glory by getting up close and personal with the many mushroom species that grow in the woods. Forge an intimate bond with the mystical Amanita Muscaria mushroom, uncovering its hidden secrets in a safe and nurturing environment. 


Let the natural world guide you as you rediscover the connection between your soul and the earth.



We will be joined by world renowned researcher and speaker, Amanita Dreamer, for a very special Amanita Drumming Ceremony in celebration of the “other magic mushroom”.


Amanita Dreamer will join us to open the retreat and share her wealth of knowledge, providing invaluable insights on how to find, prepare, and work with this magical and mysterious mushroom. This is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the Amanita Muscaria in all its grandeur, in the company of a leading expert on its mystical effects and healing potential.


We've carefully selected the dates for our retreat to coincide with the peak of mushroom fruiting season, so we can increase our chances of encountering the magnificent Amanita Muscaria in its natural habitat. 


Let us venture forth with hopeful hearts and open minds, and embrace the enchantment that awaits us in the forest.



Together we will


🌿 Journey into the forest to forage and uncover the hidden treasures of the earth, and learn about the remarkable benefits of the mushrooms that grow around us


🍄 Learn of the ancient wisdom of powerful medicinal and nutritional mushrooms, as we delve into their rich history of use in sacred rituals, ceremonies, and medicinal practices


🌿 Travel through expanded states of consciousness in a one-of-a-kind Amanita Drumming Ceremony with Amanita Dreamer


🍄 Debunk the myths and misinformations around Amanita Muscaria and explore the literature and art that teach us about its use throughout history


🌿 Explore a variety of safe and effective ways to experience the mystical properties of the Amanita Muscaria


🍄 Lose ourselves in the enchanting rhythm of the forest, as we dance in harmony with the woodland mushroom spirit


🌿 Embark on nature hikes, go wild swimming and come together around the warmth of the fireside, as we share songs, stories, and laughter in the heart of the forest


🍄 Gather for Sacred Sound and Sleep Ceremonies in Cae Mabon’s thatched Celtic Roundhouse


🌿 Experience daily meditations, breathwork, drumming circles, yoga and more


🍄 Meet like-minded human beings and nature lovers in a magical setting that will ignite your soul and uplift your spirit



What's Included?


5 nights accommodation and all activities, ceremonies, hot tub access and meals are included in the price of your ticket. 

You will need to arrange your own transport to/from the retreat center. Bangor is the nearest railway station. We will connect our group ahead of time to arrange ride shares.

Cae Mabon's in-house catering will provide our seasonal and nutritionally balanced meals with locally sourced produce. Our friends in the next valley, at Tyddyn Teg Organic Cooperative and Pandy Farm supply us with fresh “earth to table” produce. We prefer to cook vegan/plant based and vegetarian and can accommodate most dietary requirements, with advanced notice.    

In the Autumn, we provide nourishing porridge on the breakfast bar and we love to cook soups, stews and roasted veg. We are also blessed with an abundance of fungi in our woodland, which we will respectfully harvest and prepare fresh as part of the autumn menu.





The Cae Mabon Eco-Retreat Centre rests in an oak forest clearing, by a rushing river and serene lake, at the foot of Snowdon. At its heart is a thatched Celtic Roundhouse, home to many convivial evenings of fireside story and song. Circling this hub-hearth is a family of seven elegant dwellings made from strawbales, cedar logs, cob, stone, thatch, turf, timber and hempcrete. A renovated barn contains a fully equipped kitchen and a large room to eat and meet. There is a composting loo, washroom, thatched shower hut and luxurious hot tub, a magical tree nest and riverside play and ceremony area.

For important information about your stay at Cae Mabon, check out: Cae Mabon - about your visit





Amanita Dreamer

Amanita Dreamer was struggling to come off medication and had become suicidal when she found Amanita Muscaria growing in the forest near her home. The iconic mushroom changed, and saved, her life. Through her own healing journey she became determined to help others, using her background in science to bring valid and accurate information to anyone who wanted to learn more about this powerful fungal ally.

Amanita Dreamer has gained a global following through teaching classes on how to prepare and use the mushroom safely, and creates informative and educational videos for her website AmanitaDreamer.net

She consults with others in the field and works to help scientists find new avenues of research. She also works to help everyone learn and understand the mushroom voice and how we can all tap into its wisdom.

Carly Birch

Carly is a facilitator, event curator and co-director of the Psychedelic Society. She holds a reverence for the transformative potential of immersive retreats, and crafts events designed to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world. 

An advocate for the safe and therapeutic use of psychedelics, she is currently pursuing accreditations in Transpersonal Psychology Coaching with the Alef Trust and Psychedelic Therapy and Integration with VITAL, aiding her experience in creating transformative passages through expanded states of consciousness.

Beyond her work with the Psychedelic Society and her ongoing studies, Carly is a certified kuala tantra yoga teacher and holds volunteer positions with Heroic Hearts Project UK - helping veterans connect with psilocybin and ayahuasca retreats, and PsyCare UK - providing support to festival participants navigating challenging psychedelic experiences.



Lawrence Joye

Lawrence is a facilitator, coach and creator of connected experience. He finds deep fulfilment in his work supporting groups and individuals to deeply meet themselves and others and to cultivate more trust, joy and reverence for life. 

As a founding member of YES&: Conscious Living, Lawrence co-curates and runs events and retreats as well as offering 1:1 and Group Developmental Coaching.  

He lives with his family at Cae Mabon in Gwynedd, where he hosts and co-facilitates Men's Retreats as well as managing other in-house projects.

Fed Podeschi

Fed is a naturopath, coach, shamanic practitioner and the founder of NaturAlly Fed. He is passionate about bringing people to their healing journey through education, holistic practices and a strong connection with Mother Nature. He delivers transformational courses, coaching, events and retreats in naturopathy, gut health, self development and shamanism.

Fed is committed to helping others explore the huge variety of healing modalities available to help us feel amazing: BODY, MIND, and SOUL!  



Please note that this retreat should not be considered as a replacement for personal therapy. Our facilitators are skilled and experienced in coaching, nature connection and other therapeutic modalities, but there will not be any trained psychotherapists or medical staff onsite. If you are experiencing any significant challenges with your mental or physical health, we strongly recommend you seek support from a qualified professional. 


Low-Income and Payment Plans

We want to ensure this event is accessible to all, so if you are struggling to meet the ticket price please get in touch to discuss a payment plan.


REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage reselling on Ticketswap.

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email the event organiser directly to discuss. Many facilitators are able to offer reduced ticket prices for those truly unable to afford the ticket price. If this applies to you, do please get in touch with the event organiser.

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