Online Breathwork & Mandala Creation (Join By Donation)

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Join breathwork facilitator, Nakita, and art therapist, Dan, for an online circle of embodied experience, expansion, and integration.

We will be embarking on a journey, investigating the internal realms and bringing them out and into life, for completion and wholeness. Journeying tools include meditation and breathwork followed by continued somatic experience through a process of artistic expression, exploration, curation and cultivation - all fully guided.

This combination of breath and art allows for deep release, rest, and renewal on a cellular and energetic level, including embodied integration.

Everything is vibration - using our breath and bodies helps us to reclaim, reframe, and rewild our systems, attuned to our own natural frequency. Just as the fascia connects the physical body, the unseen waves of breath and energy movements are the mycelium that connects all beings: human and non-human, micro and macro, including the Earth and the Sky themselves.

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When we connect to the wisdom of the physical and energetic body during ceremony, magic arises...

Acceptance, Transformation, Integration.

Trust the Breath, Trust Yourself.

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