Unseen Connections: A Concert of Plants + Voice

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Most of us feel inherently that we are deeply connected to nature. Because we are. Frequency, vibration, energy, emotion, breath - these are the forces that harmonise nature and humanity. Though most of these connections remain unseen, together we are in one unified cycle of existence.

There is a growing recognition of the ability of plants to communicate with one another and the deeply mysterious ways they respond to sounds, stimuli and people - this powerful immersive experience is all about bringing the voices of nature and humanity to our ears and bringing ourselves back into balance. And how, through sound we can truly experience the inseparable connection between humanity and nature and feel its healing power.

Join us for a concert at the beautiful Round Chapel as Natural Symphony uses his ingenious technology to translate the live frequencies of plants into beautiful soundscapes while Kate Fleur Young employs the vibrations of her enchanting voice to bring humans into harmony with themselves and nature.

Natural Symphony uses the natural biorhythms in nature to produce electronic music and immersive visuals. This is done by detecting electronic bio-rhythms found within the leaf of a plant or tree, and then sending these rhythms into musical synthesizers, lasers and 3D projectors. The plants thus literally play basslines and melodies - and produce visuals; he makes them kindred artists, and plays alongside them with drum machines and electronic music instruments to conjure an ethereal, enchanting dancefloor-focused performance. He can use any plant - whether in a flat or forest. Kate Fleur Young's haunting vocals and singing bowls will guide this journey.

Lumenate, the world’s first psychedelic meditation app, will be bringing their consciousness shifting strobe experience to this live performance setting. Sit back, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of colours that flows with both the music and your own thoughts/feelings.

Part sound healing, part meditation, part visual projection and light bath, this is one of the most unique musical experiences out there - a symphony by and for plants. The two artists most recently featured their work at The Barbican's fantastic The Future is Sound and Wilderness Festival in the UK.

Please note that strobe lighting will be used during the performance and you will receive a waiver form in your confirmation email with your ticket. If you cannot participate, please let us know and we will make alternate arrangements so you can take part in everything except the strobe aspect of the experience.

I’ve learned so much about plants in my journey, especially our deep interconnectedness. We are in a cycle with nature - not only do we share a breath with trees but we're in an energetic cycle too. During photo synthesis plants literally vibrate at our love frequency, 528hz. If we send unconditional love to them we vibrate at the frequency they need to thrive. We can literally heal the world by changing our energetic output.” 

- Natural Symphony



Guests will make themselves comfortable on the floor lying or sitting on mats while they are transported to another realm. The aim is to bring our human frequencies in tune with those of nature using a variety of sounds and lights generated by plants, singing bowls, human vocals, synthesizers and biofeedback devices. 

Places are limited to 100 guests.


The concert will take place at the historic Round Chapel church in Clapton, East London. 

  • Doors open at 6:45 pm. Please arrive and find your corner on the floor so we can begin promptly at 7:00 pm
  • Please switch off your mobile devices and use the toilets before the concert begins



* KEEP YOURSELF WARM & COMFY. The venue is an old church. Bring a blanket + mat/mattress to lie down on and wear warm clothes/socks. 


Natural Symphony

Natural Symphony is a sound and light artist using plants to create audio-visual performances, and immersive & interactive spaces and use profits to fund a reforestation and protection project. His award-winning work has been seen on BBC1 at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, The Barbican Theatre, Earth Theatre, and Glastonbury festival to name a few.

Born in London, Joey Dean was raised in a family of musicians who mainly sang, played guitar and collected records. At the age of about six he received the gift of turntables - his gateway into music. Over the years he DJed in most venues in London, was a resident for GG, and played in lbiza, Amsterdam, Thailand, Australia, Bali and beyond.

At the age of 20 Joey Dean discovered music-producing software, which changed everything; he felt he had discovered the ultimate way to unleash full creativity, and making music became the new passion.

In October 2019 Joey visited a pyramid in Bali and experienced a sound and light healing where he envisioned a new project that would show people how nature is also alive with creativity, and that would allow the people and the forest to dance as one. His abiding intention is for us all to connect with nature.

During lock-down he designed a machine that detects electrical patterns in plants, and discovered ways to send these patterns into sound and light equipment - and Natural Symphony was born. Every time he gets paid, he channels some of the money back into reforestation programs, growing more artists.

Check out his work at:

Kate Fleur Young

Kate Fleur Young is a musician, artist and certified sound healer and yoga teacher. In the last few years, she’s expanded from her professional electro-pop music path to working with her voice as frequency for healing. A calling that came from finding her own solace in sound amidst a busy London life.

Kate’s alchemic crystal bowls fused with her ethereal transcendent vocals allow you to reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your higher power and magic. Kate is passionate about guiding people into deep lucid states of relaxation, opening receptivity to frequency codes, connection, and cosmic journeys of the soul. 

The frequencies of her alchemic crystal bowls are in alignment with the natural rhythm of nature and our wheel of the year, our changing Seasons, planets and the lunar cycle. She creates a space of ritual and ceremony around the healings to place them at significant times in the calendar to promote as much potency as possible. 

She believes that sound has the power to bridge the gap between humans and nature.

You can explore her incredible work at:


Lumenate is the world’s first psychedelic meditation app. They are a start-up on a mission to make impactful subconscious exploration more accessible than ever before.

Lumenate is the first app to use stroboscopic visual entrainment (from the phone’s light) to produce a powerful altered state neurologically and subjectively between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics. With this they aim to inspire freer and more fulfilling lives through safe, scientific and accessible subconscious exploration.

After discussions with leading consciousness researchers and hundreds of their own EEG brain-scanning experiments, Lumenate’s founders, Tom and Jay, developed a way to use stroboscopic light alongside sound to guide the brain into the desired state.

In March 2020, Lumenate started off as a guided group experience. These sessions made use of a custom designed 360 degree stroboscopic light to guide a circle of participants into a unique, deeply meditative, semi-psychedelic brain state. Despite a hugely popular launch, Covid restrictions forced them back to the drawing board, producing the app version enjoyed today.  

Before launching in March 2021, they also gained Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike as their Creative Director and app voice.

Lumenate will be providing a custom light experience in collaboration with the other artists during this event.

You can learn more about Lumenate and download the app for free here:


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