EDB Sundays | Sun 16 Oct | Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance & Sound Journey w/ OSARA, Pixi Pete & Deya CacaoAmor

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EDB Sundays | Sun 16 Oct

Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance & Sound Journey

w/ OSARA, Pixi Pete & Deya CacaoAmor

 15:00 - 18:15

Scout Hall (58th Bristol Scout Group), Eastville, Bristol


EDB Sundays | 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month

Sun 16 Oct | OSARA, Deya CacaoAmor & Pixi Pete
Sun 6 Nov | Mira Khanya | Tickets
Sun 20 Nov | OSARA
Sun 4 Dec | Sophie Bolton
Sun 18 Dec | OSARA

EDB combines the worlds of Ecstatic Dance, diverse dance music and sound system culture with prayer, mindfulness and ritual.

Using the practice of Ecstatic Dance we create a held space for you to express, expand and experience rejuvenation through movement, dance and sound.

The experience is a modern day ritual where the communion of people, movement and sound serve as mediums for transformation, liberation and soul invigorating celebration.

Our community gatherings are sober and suitable for all ages, abilities and people.

Come as you are. Dance as you please. Be your unique self.

Our prayer. Our practice. Our ritual.

Deya CacaoAmor | Cacao Ceremony

Deya was born in Ecuador and is the Cacao sorceress and founder of CacaoAmorHer mission is to share the healing powers of Cacao expanding joy and love. She is a beautiful being of light, laughter and the energetic embodiment of joy inherent in the Spirit of Cacao. 

Since 2019 Deya has been working with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade cacao, protecting biodiverse farms and the people who care for them, whilst providing premium quality Cacao to the world.

See below for preparation and guidance for the Cacao Ceremony


OSARA | DJ & Ceremony Leader

Honouring the rich diversity of music that can be found in the UK and around world, OSARA creates powerful and transformative dance journeys that are ever evolving and responding to the spirit of time, community and place.

Pushing the musical boundaries of the conscious dance scene on these lands and receiving inspiration receives inspiration from a broad spectrum of genres, Rave styles and the underground dance music culture of the UK. Expect Dub, Techno, Afro House, Jungle, DnB, Rave, UK Funky, Global Bass, Folktronica, Medicine Music, Folk music and more…

OSARA has DJ’d and facilitated at Ecstatic Dances such as: Los Angeles, London, Helsinki and Dallas to name a few. He's a popular and resident DJ for the likes of Ecstatic Dance UK, Boomtown, Buddhafield, Lovejam as well as other festivals and events.


Pixi Pete | Live Percussion & Sound Journey

Pixi Pete is a DJ, percussionist, musician and all round beautiful being. A regular on the conscious dance scene, he's DJed, and played music at Ecstatic Dances and cacao ceremonies with Ecstatic Dance UK, Morning Gloryville, Wilderness Festival, Good Vibrations Society and loads more. He also runs his own sessions Dance Medicine in Glastonbury.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony Preparation | Recommendations for Participants 

We recommend avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake on ceremony day, and timing meals so you are not full. This will help your system assimilate the Cacao, and prepare your body to receive more subtle energy cues from the Cacao. 

Drink at least 1 litre of water before ceremony throughout the day and stay hydrated. 

If you are taking SSRI antidepressants, please consult with your doctor first and let us know. 

About Cacao

Theobromine Cacao is one of the most nutrient rich foods in the world! Cacao aids in longevity and has many powerful antioxidants. Theobromine present in Cacao, dilates blood vessels, relieving stress on the heart, and sharpens the mind.

The tryptophan and tryptamine serotonin present in Cacao, make it a natural antidepressant. Cacao is the only food plant found containing Anandamide (from the Sanskrit word Ananda meaning "bliss”). Anandamide is known as the chemical of happiness, an endorphin our body produces, giving us feelings of euphoria. Cacao also contains abundant Phenethylamine, a class of biochemicals that our body produces when we are in love.

"Cacao enhances the qualities of what is already there, helping us release stagnant emotions creating space for healing and celebration." Deya CacaoAmor

We will connect with the spirit of Cacao as a Sacred plant medicine and ally, with the intention of connecting to ourselves and each other. 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao | Provided by CacaoAmor

CacaoAmor is committed to respecting and honouring our natural environment through sustainable agriculture, supporting family owned farms to flourish. Keeping alive traditional methods and to preserve ancient varieties of Cacao, as well as an ecosystem of many other plants, trees, and creatures living with the Cacao trees.  

Amber Audio Sound System

We have been working with the Bristol legends, Amber Audio, ever since we first launched EDB in February 2019. They provide the highest quality audio equipment, using one of the top audio manufacturers in the industry, d&b audiotechnik.


15:00 Arrive & Stretch 
15:30 Opening Circle & Cacao Ceremony
16:00 Ecstatic Dance
17:45 Sound Journey
18:00 Closing Circle

Venue & Parking

Scout Hall: 58th Bristol Scout Group, Gadshill Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6PU

Google Maps link for venue:

The venue has it's own car park.

Please walk, cycle, Voi or use public transport where possible. 

What to Bring

  • water & bottle
  • dress in layers
  • something to lie down on for Sound Journey (blanket, yoga mat or similar)
  • anything else you need

Tickets & RSVP

Tickets | Facebook | Headfirst

By purchasing a ticket you agree to respect and follow the Ecstatic Dance Guidelines and Safe Space Agreement for our sessions (see below).

  • £15 Standard
  • £17.50 Supporter
  • £12.50 Low Income
  • Under 12s free

*under 16s must be accompanied by an adult 

Ceremonial Cacao | please purchase your cup of cacao in advance

  • 1 x Small Cup £4
  • 1 x Large Cup £6

After purchasing a ticket, if you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your Spam Folder.
If it is not there, please email us.
Alternatively, you can simply turn up and give your name / email address on the door to gain entry.


Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges.
We encourage ticket reselling via the Ecstatic Dance Bristol Community' group on Signal (please email OSARA for the link).


Please note, that by purchasing a ticket you agree that Ecstatic Dance Bristol is not liable for any injury or harm that you may incur at this class (dancing as you feel, on a wooden sprung dance floor).

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

We use the following guidelines to create a safe, held and sacred space for ourselves, each other and our community:

  • Be here: no outside shoes
  • Be free: dance how you want / no judgement
  • Be present: no phones / cameras
  • Be embodied: no talking on the dance floor
  • Be clear: no alcohol
  • Be consensual: respect & honour boundaries of others. If it's not a clear yes, it's a no 

Safe Space Agreement

  • Take responsibility for yourself, your wellbeing and your belongings
  • Be mindful and aware of self and others
  • Respect yourself and each other
  • Respect personal space of others
  • Be consensual and respect boundaries of others - if it's not a clear yes, it's a no
  • Please ask a Space Angel at the event if you need support or help with anything


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Ecstatic Dance Bristol



Come as you are. Dance as you please. Be your unique self.

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