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“Totally amazing, this week delivered more than I could possibly have hoped for in the hands of two fantastic facilitators - Tree and Brian. Their knowledge was second to none and their warmth was very infectious, the vibe throughout the entire week was loving. Some tears, a lot of laughter, and so much experience and knowledge passed over, i am hopeful Liminal Land The Return is in planning. Thanks Tree and Brian...x”  

Jeff Craig 


Explore altered states of consciousness through breath-work, dreams, liminal states and plant rituals.


Join us for an immersive and integrative experience through altered states of consciousness in the magical and liminal lands of Snowdonia with your guides Tree Carr & Brian Morrison.

Journey into this transformative retreat set in the heart of nature, where you'll experience the ultimate in relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner exploration. Our eco earth dwellings provide the perfect setting for restful sleep and vivid dreams, allowing you to connect deeply with your subconscious mind and tap into your inner wisdom.

Feast on delicious, nourishing plant-based meals prepared with love and care, and attend breath-work sessions to deepen your connection with your body and breath. Experience the power of dreaming plants and herbs through our ceremonies, and learn techniques for lucid dreaming and hypnagogic explorations.

Share your dreams and connect with others in our dream circles, and explore the depths of your psyche through sound-induced trance states and movement sessions. Take a dip in the wild swimming spots and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature on our guided hikes. Challenge yourself with cold water sessions, or relax in our hot tub for a soothing soak.

Integrative art therapy and tarot integration offer additional opportunities for self-reflection and creative expression. Finally, our Psychedelic Liba Light sessions provide a unique and transformative experience that can help you access new levels of consciousness and unlock hidden potentials within yourself.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with yourself and nature, and experience the amazing sleep and dreams that come with it!


The three-night retreat includes:

  • Amazing sleep & dreams in eco earth dwellings
  • Plant-based meals
  • Breath-work sessions
  • Dreaming plants & herb ceremonies
  • Lucid dreaming techniques
  • Dream circles/sharing
  • Hypnagogic explorations
  • Psychedelic Liba Light sessions
  • Wild swimming
  • Nature hikes
  • Cold water sessions
  • Sound induced trance states
  • Movement sessions
  • Integrative Art Therapy
  • Tarot Integration
  • Hot Tub



In an oak forest clearing, by a rushing river, near the lake, at the foot of Snowdon, is the Cae Mabon Eco-Retreat Centre. At its heart is a thatched Celtic Roundhouse, home to many convivial evenings of fireside story and song. Circling this hub-hearth is a family of seven elegant dwellings made from straw bales, cedar logs, cob, stone, thatch, turf, timber and hempcrete. Together they accommodate up to 30 people. A renovated barn contains a fully equipped kitchen and a large room to eat and meet. There is a composting loo, washroom, thatched shower hut and luxurious hot tub… New in 2018 is a magical Tree Nest in the Riverside play and ceremony area.

Cae Mabon has been described as ‘jaw-droppingly’ beautiful; a ‘fairy-tale village’; ‘a verdant retreat from the crazy world’; a place that shows that ‘dreams can come true.’

​In 2008 Professor Tom Woolley declared Cae Mabon the ‘number one natural building project in the UK’. He said: ‘Cae Mabon is a Welsh Shangri-La hanging on a steep hillside with stunning views across to Snowdon… Built initially without planning permission, officialdom has been won over by its charm and magic.’




About your Guides: 

Tree is a published author and TEDx speaker who works in the field of Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on dreams, death, altered states of consciousness and psychedelic assisted therapy. She holds a professional certificate in Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology with the Alef Trust and is a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. A high priestess witch and master of Wicca she was ordained in 2021 at The Universal Life Church and has studied at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science. 

In her role as a Dreaming Guide, Tree helps those seeking to activate, explore and further understand their dream realms by cultivating a bespoke daily dreaming practise. Her workshops, courses and retreats have ventured from London throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and USA. She is also booked for one on one dreaming guidance where the session delves into dream interpretation, meditations, rescripting of recurring dreams and methods for lucid dreaming.  Tree works closely with oneirogens ( dreaming plants and herbs) as part of her conscious dreaming practise and facilitates workshops and retreats to connect people more deeply into their dream-work vis-a -vis the world of plants and herbs. 

Her work as a Death Doula involves helping people spiritually, emotionally, existentially and practically at the end of their lives. Tree holds the space for healing, peace, support and compassion during the profound and sacred time of death and dying.

Her book ‘DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life’, was released in 2018 with Octopus Publishing. Her second book '‘Conscious Dreamer’’ published in 2021 by Quarto Publishing Group, guides the reader through 30 days of capturing dreams for creative practise.  Her third book "The Artists' Oracle" which captured the dreams of 30 artists in the form of an Oracle deck saw publication in 2021 with White Crypt. Her latest book “A Spell a Day’ will be internationally released June 2023 with Watkins Publishing.

As a writer, Tree is a regular columnist at Woman&Home magazine and has also contributed to The Wild Alchemy Journal. 

Born in 1972,  Tree has explored the zones of spirituality and consciousness since she was a child. Tree is skilled in divinatory guidance: The Tarot and Astrology and has facilitated readings, rituals, classes and courses spanning a wide variety of esoteric subjects. As a Tarot scholar, Tree has taught masterclasses on the Rider-Waite Deck since 2016. 


Instagram: @tree_carr


★★★★★  'Tree`s presentation on plants as aids in our spiritual journey and really appreciated the practical information on how to use them. Overall, the most interesting to me was the wake back to bed part and becoming more conscious of my dreams. It helped me stick with my intention to remember and keep a record of my dreams afterwards'. - Adriana

★★★★★  ‘Lucid Dreaming was beautifully orchestrated by Tree and it was a pleasure to be part of such an open and warm conversation.’- Lea

★★★★★ “I discovered a new part of my life (my night life) I almost ignored so far and it was mind blowing. Tree is an incredible loving and smart guide. It was an absolute life changing experience :)” - Sophie

★★★★★ “This really was one of the best investments in myself that I’ve made in a long time. Tree is extremely knowledgable about many different aspects of sleep and dreaming and she shared that knowledge warmly in a well held space. I’m excited to now have made changes to my sleep preparation and to be recording my dreams and gleaning insights from them for use in my waking life. Many thanks!” - Felicity

★★★★★ “Life-changing experience, Tree has helped me a lot to improve my dream practise. I created a new daily routine with dream herbs, thanks to Tree's knowledge and experience. I highly recommend this course, it's fun and our little dream team/community was so inspiring!” - Annamaria




Brian is a Breathwork practitioner, certified level two Wim Hof Method

Instructor and founder of The Breathing Project, a company that aims to spread awareness of the powerful healing qualities of Breathwork. He is also an artist and has a background in Higher Education work for the last ten years as a Lecturer in Photography. He has spent much of this time trying to learn how to creatively connect the mind and body.

With the Breathing Project Brian has been working with a wide range of people to help them manage stress, release past trauma and build preventative measures to improve overall emotional and physical health.

After a period of intense training Brian was fortunate enough to train with the now famous Wim Hof (aka The Iceman) and learn how regular cold exposure exercises can be used as a complementary therapy (in conjunction with Breathwork) to utilise our true potential. 

Brian’s personal journey includes work with a range of plant medicine. This path has opened him up to understand how altered states allow us to access insights into both our personal psychology and the expanded arena of consciousness itself.

In his role as an Artist Brian has collaborated with experts from a wide range of disciplines. This includes neuroscientists, biomechanical engineers and bone and skin specialists, as well as creatives in dance, choreography, fashion design and other visual artists.


★★★★★ This workshop with Brian Morrison literally blew my mind. Brian has the perfect balance of kindness and professionalism and I felt completely supported within every aspect of the experience. I have been practicing the WHM for a few years, and have completed the Fundamentals, but this workshop has definitely pushed my daily practice forward. Thank you Brian for an incredible day. Much love.             

 ★★★★★ The venue, Brian and day went beyond any expectations I had. The genuineness of Brian and his desire and support was obvious through out the day, but just in the coaching but also in the small one to one moments. The day gave me things to think about and i felt supported through the workshop. Would highly recommend it as a way to get introduction to the breathing technique and cold exposure. Would do it again and try to convince friends to join me! Thanks Brian!

 ★★★★★ A beautiful and powerful session guided by Brian - a sweet balance of listening / learning and practising the tools. Brian has such a calming, supportive energy and a unique magic to 'hold' you in this session and guide through the ice bath.

★★★★★ Brian a genuine soul with a great connection to the power of breathing. He creates an awesome space where you can bring yourself and feel secure during the breathing and cold exposure. Gutted it was only a short workshop, would definitely be willing to spend more time learning from Brian. Thank you Brian!  


★★★★★ Brian is super knowledgeable in his craft of Breathwork and Cold exposure. Brian's presence is so welcoming, he pours his heart into every session. I love both his live workshops as well as online


Meet Joel, the visionary founder and managing director of Lightbath Limited, a UK-based startup that is changing the way we experience light and the world around us. At the heart of this revolution is the LiBa light device, a groundbreaking creation that has the ability to emit flickering light pulses ranging from 0.5Hz up to 100Hz. With four individually controlled light channels, the LiBa-slim is capable of producing complex and sophisticated flicker-induced hallucinations that have the power to transform our perceptions of reality.

But the story of Lightbath and the LiBa device began long before its inception. For Joel, the journey towards creating a tool that could induce flicker-induced dreams and hallucinations started with a lifelong fascination with the nature of reality itself. From a young age, Joel was drawn to the mysteries of the mind and how humans construct their perceptions of the world around them. He often wondered whether the reality we experience is actually the true reality or simply a construct of our own imaginations.

Joel's passion for exploring the boundaries between the mind and perceived reality led him to pursue a career in the arts. Over the years, he has used his art to probe deeper into these questions and challenge societal norms. One of Joel's most notable achievements was his second solo exhibition and art installation, which explored the theme of the death penalty and execution and its indirect connections to suicide. Through this thought-provoking work, Joel delved into the impact of life choices on our existence and how the consequences of "wrong decisions" could lead to death, albeit executed through entirely different forces.

Another of Joel's powerful art installations, "Inside 57A," took visitors on a journey through the soul of a serial killer, highlighting the closed doors and taboos that we often avoid confronting. Through this work, Joel aimed to illustrate how we tend to judge and blame others for the darkness that exists within the world, instead of acknowledging and addressing our own internal struggles. "Inside 57A" was a powerful reminder that we all have the capacity for darkness within us and that understanding and accepting this fact is the first step towards creating a more compassionate and understanding society.

But it was Joel's personal study in minimalism, space division, and the creation and purpose of space that ultimately led him to the principles of minimalistic abstract modernism. Through his paintings, photographs, and videos, Joel explored the interplay between negative space and form, using minimalistic forms and lines to create compositions that were both visually striking and spiritually profound. This body of work was a testament to Joel's ability to merge different artistic disciplines and create a cohesive whole that was greater than the sum of its parts. His use of minimalistic abstract modernism allowed him to distill complex ideas and emotions into their purest form, inviting viewers to engage with his work on a deeper level and encouraging them to find their own meaning within his creations.

Joel's journey of discovery into the power of flicker-induced dreams and hallucinations had a profound impact on his creative practice. This exploration led him to a path of self-acceptance and balance in mind and spirit, prompting him to change the form of his creations from painting to coding and sculpting to electro-engineering. In order to bring his vision to life, Joel translated his ideas into machine code and his desires into Ohm's law. The result of this process is the LiBa light device, a truly unique creation that offers a personal and profound experience to anyone who uses it.

For Joel, sharing the experience of the LiBa light with others is a deeply personal and meaningful act. He believes that the device has the power to inspire feelings of bliss and wonder in those who use it, opening up new pathways of understanding and connection.




The plant ceremonies at our retreat include:

-Calea Zacatechichi
-Blue Lotus Flower  


Disclaimer:  Consumption of herbs and plants are at your own risk. Please conduct an allergy patch test with all plant matter before use.  Do not take  Oneirogens if you are on medication or anti-depressants. Do not take if you are pregnant.  Use herbs mindfully and in moderation. Some Onierogens have psychoactive effects.Consult your GP if you need further consultation.  



  • Dieta:  Clean, vegetarian, whole food diet one week before
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Improve your sleep hygiene
  • Start a dream journal



  • Warm layers
  • Rain Gear
  • Sleeping bag
  • Dream Journal
  • Sleep mask - optional
  • Ear Plugs - optional







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