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STARTING 14th OCTOBER 2024 - An 8-month, multi-layered training program to support any man on his journey towards becoming a men’s work facilitator. This course will include a 5-day in-person facilitation training, a 10-week online teaching container followed by an additional 3-day in-person teaching, a 3-month online business mastermind accountability group, and a 3-day in-person graduation ceremony.


Unleash your potential to make a difference in men's mental health through our Unmasked Man Facilitator Training, starting on October 14, 2024. Join us in addressing the men's mental health crisis, where 78% of suicides in the U.K. are by men. The conditioned beliefs around men's emotional expression contribute to their feelings of depression and isolation. Our training aims to empower men to become facilitators, creating a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.


A crisis in men's mental health is evident, with a significant percentage of suicides occurring among men. Societal expectations around men's emotional expression have led to buried emotions, self-destructive behavior, and a lack of support. The absence of positive father figures compounds this crisis. Henry Thoreau's quote, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation," reflects the unsettling truth in today's world. As a men's work facilitator, you have the opportunity to support men in turning their lives around, finding true connection, and healing.


Embark on an 8-month journey in facilitation, starting on October 14, 2024. This comprehensive training programme includes:



5-Day In-person Intensive Facilitator Training (Oct 14-18, 2024):

  • All food and accommodation
  • Practical and theory-based training sessions:
  • How to embody and teach the different archetypal energies
  • Archetypal Dynamics and their shadows
  • Practical interactive workshops to practise your techniques
  • Boy to Man Psychology
  • Understanding Parental Wounds
  • Clearing energy from yourself and the space
  • Setting the container
  • Dealing with Trauma
  • Big T & Little T Trauma
  • The nervous system and the window of tolerance
  • Reading a man in his process
  • Practise workshops that you will lead
  • How to teach and heal from an open, heart-centred place
  • Re-parenting Techniques and inner child work
  • Signposting and bracketing
  • Safe gaurding - The importance of integration & self care
  • Syllabus handbook
  • Accompanying videos



10-week online group training container - focusing on deepening our knowledge

  • 2.5hr weekly online group zoom call (10 calls total)
  • Weekly homework manuals
  • Weekly homework tests/study requirements (participants must achieve a pass mark to receive certification)
  • Call to action and weekly task setting and questions
  • Question & answer time
  • Goal-oriented integration support
  • Digital marketing and social media promotion
  • Weekly WhatsApp support group



3 - Day in-person Training continued (Mar 7-9, 2025):

  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation
  • Practical and theory-based training sessions
  • A deeper dive into the art of facilitation guiding men through the work


3-month business mastermind accountability group

  • 2.5hr monthly online group zoom call (3 calls total)
  • Accountability sessions helping you achieve your goals within men´s work
  • Helping channel Warrior Energy to ignite the next part of your journey
  • Guest speakers discussing area of expertise in social media, marketing, business and strategy
  • Creating a think-tank of inspiring ideas of best to apply your new skills
  • Continuing the powerful energy built on the retreat for many months allowing for a greater depth of learning and embodiment
  • Support from your fellow brothers on turning practice into mastery
  • Support about creating workshop ideas and developing your own style
  • Staying in integrity as a leader


STAGE 5 (June 6-8, 2025):

3 - Day in-person graduation & completion retreat

  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation
  • Initiation and rite of passage ceremony for the completion of the Training



Printed training manuals, including

  • 400+ Page Manual
  • Reading List
  • Access to digital resources including:
  • Branded Social Media Template Posts (quotes/diagrams etc)
  • Educational Resources
  • Questionnaires
  • Accountability Scripts
  • The Unmasked Man Facilitator Training certificate
  • The Unmasked Man Merchandise Pack (e.g. t-shirt, vest, hoody and stickers etc)
  • Connection with a growing global network of men
  • Opportunity to gain further in person hours by staffing on future retreats (Subject to availability)



A good facilitator embodies strength and softness, knowing when to support and when to allow self-empowerment. They communicate effectively, speak confidently in public, and read the energy of the room. A strong connection with intuition, regulation of the nervous system, and a humble student mindset are essential qualities.



There is a growing demand for male role models embodying healthy masculine virtues. The Unmasked Man Facilitator Training aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to support men on their healing and transformation journeys.



  • Current facilitators
  • Future facilitators
  • Fathers, sons
  • Managers, coaches and leaders among men
  • Men that want to change the world and share this important work from their heart



Pay in Full:

  • £4,800 (Single payment)

12-Month Plan:

  • £425 per month for 12 months, totaling £5,100


**Price includes the 5 day immersion (food and accommodation included), 10-week online training group, 3 day midway facilitation immersion, 3-month online business mastermind and accountability group and 3 day graduation ceremony

*Limited to 16 participants. Contact us for more information.

*Upon choosing your payment option and booking, a team member will be in contact. Join us in shaping a world where men support each other's growth and healing.

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Pay In Full £4,800
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