Conscious Dreaming Workshop: An Evening of Experiential Lucid Dreaming Techniques

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Conscious Dreaming Workshop: An Evening of Experiential Lucid Dreaming Techniques

We all dream, each and every night.

Whether we remember them or not, they’re happening, shining a light on our waking life, offering insights on our past experiences or potential direction for the future.

Conscious Dreaming combines thousands of years of dreaming practices with modern, scientifically-backed techniques that help us to unlock the benefits of healthy sleep, and establish an active dream practice for self-development, healing and creativity which we can use in our waking life.

Working with a hierarchy of practices, we begin with a foundation to establish good sleep hygiene and develop the conditions for deep rest, gradually building upon this with methods to tend to and work with our dreams, draw out personally meaningful and relevant insights in our lives, and begin incubating “dreams of clarity”, also known as lucid dreams - the unique state of consciousness where we “wake up” whilst remaining in the dream, with the ability to influence the experience.

Lucid dreams are often described as Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE) or “peak experiences”, which can be profound, mystical, and spiritual, or an immersive, explorative rollercoaster of pure FUN, sensual pleasure and joy! As these dreams are directed by the intentions and expectations of the dreamer, they can go in any direction that they wish them to.

Movement, music & meditations, relaxation, visualisation & connection. You will be guided through restful and restorative exercises that promote and incubate the induction of lucid dreams, which you will be able to take home with you and continue working with.

This workshop moves through a three-stage process:


  • Arriving into the space, welcome & introduction.
  • Overview of the practices, their origins and applications.


  • Gentle qigong exercises to warm up, relax the body and stimulate the flow of energy.
  • Guided Yoga Nidra and meditations for relaxation, visualisation, which helps induce lucidity.
  • Sound journey with instruments including drums, chimes, and singing bowls.


  • A reflective space for journaling and recording your experiences.
  • Guidance on how to work with dream experiences and generate insights.
  • An option to dialogue with the group in an open sharing circle.

★★★★★ “Magic…pure magic. The space, the music, the journey you led us on was all absolutely dreamy!” - Angela

★★★★★ “I’ve not tried working with my dreams before this, but your explanation and guidance on how to work with them has given me a lot to think about. I’m excited to try some of the techniques you suggested out tonight!” - Mark

★★★★★ “I often have quite weird and vivid dreams, and one recurring dream that happened again last night after your workshop. I remembered to reality-check, and for the first time I experienced becoming lucid, it was beautiful, the way the water looked with sunlight reflecting off it, and how real it felt to touch…just incredible. Thank you!” - Sophie

Whether you struggle with remembering your dreams, or you’re a seasoned conscious dreamer, you are warmly invited to this experiential workshop to explore the role of dreams in our lives, develop an active relationship with them, and practise a range of techniques to help induce lucid dreams.

There will be cushions and blankets available, but please bring everything you need to be warm and comfy whilst sitting/lying down (mats, clothing layers, more cushions & blankets, eye mask if you have one). Some paper and pens will be provided for reflections and notes, but you are welcome to bring your own journal if you wish.

About the facilitator:

Dan Dala is a dreamwork practitioner with a background in the Arts & Health sector, first studying visual arts (BA), he is currently completing an (MSc) in Transpersonal Psychology, specialising in the science of lucid dreaming and creativity. Dan has worked as a workshop leader and creative wellbeing facilitator for almost 10 years. In recent years he has worked extensively with dreams, helping to guide individuals and groups to use them for personal development, creativity and transformation.



Please arrive into the space 5-10mins before the event starts, to give yourself enough time to get set up with mats, cushions and tea etc.

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