Transforming Trauma Weekend Workshop

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Hosted by Life In Confidence
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Make peace with your past and find closure from within.

"I am finding it difficult to find the right words to describe my appreciation. I had no idea how much I required validation and to be heard. I very much struggle to share my story, as the abuse I endured from my matneral parent is so shocking. I knew there was something special about you and your technique would penetrate the "wall of China" I have build around myself. And, you did. I also found solace in the validation of the qualities I have gained as a result of my trauma (it wasn't all for nothing!) I am aware of my courage, resilience and strength and you nailed it. I will take down a person regardless of who they are if I thing they are if I think that is the right thing to do. I am also grateful to have met some amazing people that I've bared my soul to these past 2 days. I knew finding my soul fam was close. However, now I know who. I am looking forward to forstering these relationships and welcoming new people into my life."

Siobhan Cornelissen, Mortgage Broker


"Thank you for encouraging me to attend your 2 day workshop. It's helped shift the hole I was in. I've had a few shifts." ☮️🙏💫

Shauna-Lee Barlow, Dream Healer


"I am very grateful that I took on this workshop and time out for myself, I feel it has shifted something inside me already. Where usual things would cause me rage/anger or frustration to not having those thoughts pass through, and if it does I am calm and response with love instead. I am looking forward to integrating more of what I unfolded. My energy and mind are a lot clearer and not so fast-paced busy, have to always be doing things. Was a really incredible experience knowing what I wish many would follow - so healing and powerful."

Marisa Haidar, Holistic Health Coach


Make peace with your past and discover divine love.


Do you feel stuck and bogged down by past experiences of trauma 24/7?


Have you endured the impacts of emotional neglect, family breakdown, childhood abuse, rape or shadow religious rituals in your upbringing?


Are you experiencing panic attacks, nightmares and dark thoughts in your head?


Perhaps you’ve tried clinical therapy, self-development, plant medicine or energy healing but things aren’t quite moving forward for you.


Whether you’re just starting out in your healing journey or have advanced in your spiritual growth and you’re ready for a massive shift in your life, then this 2 day workshop is just for you.


Let me guide you to your path of alchemy and awakening as we dive deep into your soul, knowing you’re not your trauma, you are the light that’s in your heart. It’s time to dismantle layers of your conditioning so you can allow peace, joy and divine love into your being.



Opening Ceremony: Feel settled and safe to just be yourself with a heart centered trauma coach who has walked your shoes, intention settings for our time together, sacred sharing and energy work to move the chi to be in your body and to connect with the tribe.

Ancestral Trauma Clearing: Experience an energetic clean up as you start to dissolve traumatic blockages and patterns passed down from your ancestors and aligning yourself to your truth through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic and sound therapy. Followed by integration through sharing your experience of the activation and receiving support.

Somatic Experience: Release trauma from the body through body work, tai chi and bioenergetics exercises to fire up the body to prepare itself to receive high vibrational alchemy.

Family Constellations: Identify what is needed to shift your family dynamics and ancestral lineage on an emotional and energetic level to support you in your emotional healing and gain insights into the dysfunctions of family members and healing needed for them through this powerful spiritual process.

Hologram Scan: I scan your energetic body known as the hologram in the quantum field to identify any obstructions and blockages that are causing traumatic experiences in your family dynamics, energy flow, your identity and problems in your life. I will help you shift and dissolve this depending what is shown to me by spirit whether that’s through star magic, entity removal, light frequencies etc.

Personality Reading: I scan your physical body to identify which childhood traumas and estimate timelines that have shaped your perspective on life as well as your personality in how you show up in the world through character analysis. This will help you gain a clear understanding and awareness of your strengths and setbacks and what to do to start overcoming them.

Identity Shift: Learn how to pinpoint and navigate through the different aspects of you such as your wounded inner child, inner critic, ego, self-sabotage, observer and higher self as well as exploring different versions of you in the past, present, future and quantum timelines to work through any identity crisis so you can flow with the healing process and download insights to expand your perspective on life and your identity.

Childhood Trauma Clearing: Experience an energetic clean up as you dissolve traumatic blockages and patterns passed down from your family dynamics and upbringing and clearing up emotional blockages with the old versions of your inner child through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic and sound therapy. Followed by integration through sharing your experience of the activation and receiving support.

Past Life Trauma Clearing: Start exploring and dissolving traumatic blockages and patterns from your past lives that are affecting your current life through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic, hands on touch with high frequencies and bodywork and sound therapy. Followed by integration through sharing your experience of the activation and receiving support.

Closing Ceremony: Q&A and chanting meditation to raise vibration and experience clarity, contentment and calmness.

Vegan gluten free lunch and refreshments provided on both days of the workshop.

6 spots until sold out for an intimate and sacred experience.

You can also book a free 45 minute clarity call via Zoom to see if this is right for you.

If you can't attend live, you might be interested in my Ancestral Clearing AudioChildhood Trauma Clearing Audio or Past Life Trauma Clearing Audio.

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About The Facilitator

Jess X Goh helps highly driven, burnt out professionals to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse. What has led Jess to her spiritual path was her experiences from domestic violence, sexual abuse and bullying and has successfully come out of it the other side. She is the soul founder of Life In Confidence, an international holistic trauma recovery practice that has been running for 8 years serving 1000+ clients. Jess is a regular spiritual speaker at wellness festivals and featured in wellbeing podcasts and has rebuilt a functional and compassionate relationship with her traumatised mother and estranged brother.

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