Gemini New Moon Circle

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Gemini New Moon Circle

In the evening of the New Moon in Gemini, we will gather for a New Moon circle to connect, meditate and set intentions.

Organised around a theme that taps into the energies of Gemini, we will delve deeply into the astrology of the moment, and where to bring your focus and awareness to make positive changes in your life. 

We will look into mindsets and how they affect our lives. 

New Moon ceremonies to set intentions is an ancient practice. When we consciously write down what we want, we co-create with the Universe. And in the process, we dissolve our inner resistance. When you join a circle, those energies are amplified. 

What the circle will offer you?

The opportunity to:

  • Tap into your feminine manifesting power
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Align to the cosmic energies
  • Connect with your heart's desires
  • Gain awareness to bring positive changes into your life

I invite you to join the magic and safe space of the New Moon circles where transformation takes place.


"Despite the world slowing down these past few years, it has still been hard to find time to really stop for an hour, reflect inward, breathe deeply and find time to refine what's needed and what's really important in our lives. That's what Ester's moon circle inspires. By coming together with other fierce, fiery women, led in meditation and expert guidance by lunar sage Ester S., the moon circle is a pause each month to commune, create and conjure a much-needed moment of self-care and insightful wisdom drawn from ancient knowledge and Ester's own unique modern magick." Louise

”I feel very fortunate to partake in Ester’s sessions!  
Ester has a wonderfully maternal way of giving guidance - she will be gentle, yet straightforward, give advice simply put even in complex matters. Always with compassion and humour. Also personally I appreciate her background which makes me confident that she can relate to my frame of reference.” Susanna

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