Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony with Sound Journey 2 dates

Hosted by Sothis Temple - Veronica Nilah
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Honoring ancient Mayan and Egyptian Sacred Plants Medicine in a Ceremonial Sound Journey to receive insights, wisdom and healing.

Drawing from the ancient Mayan & Egyptian wisdom teachings and working with Cacao and Blue Lotus in healing and ceremony, Veronica Nilah creates a sacred & safe space where you can experience consuming this plant medicines with intention and deep contemplation, allowing you to travel beyond the mundane and explore a consciousness expansion through the portals of your Heart (Cacao), your intuitive centres and your Crown (Lotus).

You'll be guided in a meditation journey with Shamanic & Sacred Sounds as you receive insights and healing, connect to your wisdom and knowing, and explore the love consciousness and creative guidance of these heart & mind opening plant spirits.

Immersed in the tones from the crystal bowls, harmonics from the flutes, heartbeats from the drum and ripples from the gongs, you will experience the deeply connecting magic of the Cacao Spirit to open your heart and receive the messages of your Soul, and the enlightenment of the Sacred Blue Lotus - the Oil of Ascension- to deepen your communication with inner and "cosmic awareness".


Following the opening of Sacred Space with smudging and a blessing, Veronica Nilah will guide you through the ceremony offering you a Heart Meditation with the anointing of Sacred Blue Lotus Oil. When you receive your cup of cacao you will be invited to quietly tune into yourself and set an intention which will be imbued in your Cacao before you drink it with deep reverence. Veronica Nilah will encourage you to pay attention to what is happening for you and remain present while you will be journeying with Sacred Sound. Re-emerging from the sound journey we will collectively acknowledge the medicine of our shared experience and close the circle with a giving of thanks.

IN CEREMONY WITH IX KAKAW, the Spirit of Sacred Cacao Plant Medicine and the Spirit of Sacred Blue Lotus

With reverence to the ancient Mayan & Aztec wisdom and tradition, honoring the sacredness of the Cacao Spirit, Veronica Nilah invites you in a ceremonial circle where you can experience consuming this plant medicine with intention and in deep inner contemplation. Be open to receive insight and healing, connect to your wisdom and knowing, and explore the love consciousness and creative guidance of this heart-opening plant spirit as she assists you in your meditation journey with Shamanic & Sacred Sound.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea), a Water Lily that grew on the banks of the Nile, was sacred and held in deepreverence by  the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal andspiritual qualities. Blue Lotus was an initiatory sacrament invoked and applied in ceremony and temple rituals frthe elevation of spirit, the attainement of higher states of consciousness and connection withthe Divine. Infused withsymbolic and spiritual significance, the Lotus was worshipped as the god Nefetum, symbolizing the origins of life, sprang up from thedark waters to reveal thedivine lght which manishes the universal darkness. (Source


Veronica offers unique multisensory soundscape experiences bringing the healing power of sound, scent and art into ritual and ceremony. In her Sacred Sound Ceremonies, she integrates the ancient Temple Tradition of Sacred Oils and Plant Spirit Healing, connecting to the spirit medicine and soul essence of plants, providing direct communication for inner healing work, self-knowledge, strong intuition and profound alignment.

Veronica is a visionary artist Spirit inspired working with the Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, and a multidisciplinary intuitive healer combining elements of Alchemical and Sekhem energy healing, Shamanism, Aromatic and Reflex Oriental Medicine in her Sound Healing Baths and individual sessions.

She is the creatrix of Sothis Sacred Oils and founder of Sothis Temple where Sacred Art, Sacred Scents and Sacred Sounds meet in unison to expand consciousness and nourish the soul, to nurture healing and spiritual growth.

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