CANCELLED Breathwork Immersion at Llanberis Retreats

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Hosted by Cae Mabon
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Whether you’re new or familiar with Breathwork, one thing we all have in common is our need to breathe. Coming into conscious relationship with how we breathe continues to be a real game changer for people in all walks of life.

During this 1-day immersion, you’ll learn and develop tools and practices which support healthy states of mind and body, as well as promoting peak performance, deep recovery and calm, clear focus.

Once you are orientated to the Breath and resourced. We will dive into a journey of Conscious Connected Breathing & Guided Breath-Holds. A simple and potentially profound experience (click here to read more). After this we will have to explore, reflect and begin to make meaning of our experiences together.

We're operating ticket prices on a sliding scale, with higher price investments being supportive of scholarships. 

Price £65 - £95
Please bring cash and pay on the door, thank you
[We believe in inclusivity, if this amount isn’t affordable right now then please get in touch to discuss payment plans or bursaries]

We’ll be exploring Breathwork through an understanding of bio-physiological science, grounding concepts into direct experiences, discovering depths and heights with the subjective and mysterious states within. Learning tools to cultivate awareness and capacity of the Breath. Exploring together in a playful and light hearted way whilst deepening connection to self, others and the ecology. 

This day immersion is for you if: 

  • You’re seeking a way to navigate a busy life with adaptability and openness.
  • You want to create space for considered response, instead of unconscious reaction.
  • You’re looking to enhance your fitness, training and performance 
  • You want to increase your tolerance of cold water or altitude
  • You’re ready to access deeper states of rest and recovery
  • You’ve heard the buzz about the accessible impact of Breathwork

Who’s running it? 

Jez Grattan-Kane [Facilitator Page]
Jez is a Yogi, Breathwork Mentor and Group Facilitator. He teaches yoga, meditation and breathwork in 1-1 and group settings. The heart of Jez’s work invites you to enthuse curiosity with the Breath as both a guide and a resource. He looks forward to supporting you to nourish the ecology of your body and calm the atmosphere of your mind.  

Lawrence Joye [Facilitator Page]
Lawrence is a Developmental Coach and Group Facilitator. He creates experiences of transformation, healing and connection in 1-1, workshop and retreat settings. The core of Lawrence’s work is supporting people to access and live from an integrated and conscious place within themselves. 

Please follow this link and read the information provided: CONTRAIDICATIONS FOR BREATHWORK
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