The Secret Language of Colour

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What COLOUR are you?

Discovering the Secret Language of Colour has changed my life in so many ways. Colour is everywhere and we all love colour. The colours we surround ourselves in everyday life, at work, home or in public, have a subtle yet very real effect on us. Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and long before it appear as visible part of this spectrum, we find a set of cosmic frequencies which have such a fast vibrational frequency that they cannot be measured. These rays exist in the realm of darkness!  However, in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum are 8 colours and each one has its own vibrational frequency. You are born in one of these frequencies and as you evolve, so do your colours. Each colour is alive and has its own nature. When I stumbled across this I was blown away, I didn't realise that colour had its own secret language. All living things, including the human race, have their own vibrational frequency and within mankind, each of us vibrate at a unique frequency too. These frequencies are colour. Knowing your colours and those of your loved ones will help you to navigate life's challenges.

The much loved ‘Secret Language of Colour’ workshop is here, to unlock your unique colour code. Once you see the world through colour, it will never be the same again. The way you look at yourself and others will transform. This workshop is about YOU, your lover, your parents, your friends and your children.

Please join me for a dynamic and interactive workshop, where I will reveal your secret colour code. You will not be disappointed!

UNLOCK YOUR UNIQUE COLOUR CODE today…. sign up to this fascinating workshop. 

Places are limited to 30 spots so that each of you can come away knowing your unique code and the ability to work out your loved ones' codes too. 

This workshop is loved by all. I warmly welcome you to join myself and guest speaker, Emily Barr, for an in-depth deep dive into the secret world of colour. 

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The Secret Language of Colour Workshop
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