The Sacred Sisterhood: Voice & Cacao Ceremony

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Join us for an evening of empowerment and deep heart connections, supported by nourishing Cacao ceremony, vocal activation and medicine music With Molly Anne Chinner.
Women's Circles

Women’s Circle's are an ancient practice and place for women to be held, heard, seen and supported. We don't have enough spaces where we can speak honestly, authentically and without fear of judgement. When we share in held spaces such as this we often find release in speaking the words aloud, and comfort in hearing our stories reflected back to us in the experiences of other.

We offer this women's circle as a way to empower and awaken ourselves and to form deep connections with those around us. This supports us to go deeper into the cacao ceremony, vocal activation and sound journey, where we can begin to transmute and process our experiences on a somatic, and soul level.

This space is open and welcoming for anyone who identifies as female or with the female experience.

Voice Activation

Our voices are incredibly powerful tools for healing, empowering and uncovering our authentic selves. Throughout our lives, especially in early life, we can receive unconscious messing and/or trauma around the throat space causing us to hold tension, block ourselves and become fearful of our voices and authentic message for the world. 

Vocal activation is a process of re-wilding, reclaiming and empowering ourselves to be seen and heard in our most authentic and powerful state. The voice is a direct channel from the heart, when activated and free it allows us to speak our truth and live authentically.

When we unlock our true voice, we are healing the body, mind and heart inclusively while simultaneously transforming resistance, pain and trauma into treasure. Your voice was made to heal you through the power of deep, tonal vibration. We will unblock and awaken our voices with sacred song, breath, embodiment and sound healing.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A much needed space for women to share their stories, embrace, shed tears and authentically connect. Molly holds a wonderfully enchanting and nurturing circle." ~ Alison A

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is a Sacred plant medicine from South America. It is chocolate, in its unprocessed form. The Cacao medicine represents the way of the heart and reflects humanity's sacred connection and relationship with the land and the (un)seen worlds. Our Cacao is 100% organic, fairtrade and vegan. We will be drinking the medicine in ceremony to open and connect with our heart’s authentic music.  

Cacao can be mildly stimulating due to its Theobromine content, so please be cautious if you are sensitive to stimulants, pregnant, breastfeeding or taking anti depressants (SSRIs).


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Life changing and powerful. Molly is an amazing teacher" ~ Alison A


Flow of the evening

~ Sharing Circle
~ Cacao Ceremony
~ Vocal Activation, Breath work and Embodiment 
~ Sound Bath and Medicine Music



About Your Facilitator

Molly Anne Chinner

Molly is a Yoga and Embodiment Guide, Sound Healer, Vocalist and Cacao Alchemist. 

 She specialises in women's work - offering leadership, guidance and solidarity to others walking the path of rewilding, connection and liberation. She holds a deep reverence for the ancient powers of circle and ceremony in a world that has lost its love of magick. Her intention is to empower you to step into your own unique alignment and return to the beautiful guidance of your own heart - radiating your light and lifting the collective conscious vibration.

Molly’s path is to honour the existence of light and dark within us all. Her work aligns with the energetic cycles of the seasons, lunar month and astrological movements - allowing you a direct path to cosmic alignment. 

Molly has music in her bones, and through spending time touring as a professional singer-songwriter decided to dedicate her life to the path of healing. After studying extensively with world leaders in the fields of Yoga, meditation, embodiment, breathwork, space holding and sound healing her life has been a delicious poetry of offering this work out to her community. 

Her work today is a mixture of traditional, indigenous and contemporary healing arts - using the gifts of native wisdom, sonic and plant medicines to offer a personalised pathway to transformation and inviting you to reframe, manifest and alchemise your reality into vibrational alignment, enabling you to become that which you dream.

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