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Hosted by Natalia Bareikis
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Tell me honestly. Do you get these thoughts?

- I can't get rid of STRESS, DEPRESSION, BLOCKS (physical, mental, energetic, emotional)...

- I can't say what I really think and feel that I AM NOT UNDERSTOOD

- I feel stuck in life and DON'T understand my BODY.

- SEX isn't great and sometimes i don’t want it at all

- I don’t know WHAT I truly WANT from this life and I don’t understand my desires

- NEGATIVE things and people constantly come into my life and I DON'T KNOW how to stop this vicious circle

- I just want to be HAPPY but don't know how to get there

- I know that my POTENTIAL is not revealed, but how can I unleash it???

Do you want to change that?


Pure energy IDA which was born from Kundalini Activation Process Level 2 and Inner Dance schools.

📆 Tuesday July 9 (BST zone).

10.00 - 12.00

📍Luv Yourself Studio, Romford, RM3 7HA


✨️Awaken your Life-Force energy and become free from traumas and blockages (emotional, physical, mental and energetic) and limitations that prevent you from moving forward.

✨️During each session, you'll receive a direct transmission of Kundalini energy and the non-dual state of consciousness. This sparks the awakening of your life force prana, facilitating spiritual growth and a deepening of consciousness.

✨️You do not need any experience, no special techniques. You only need to close your eyes and lie down on a yoga mat and trust yourself. And most importantly Enjoy.

✨️ IDA is 100% natural and safe, you are constantly in sober mind and get only what you need.

✨️ The awakened Kundalini starts the transformative mechanisms within you, heightens consciousness and activates DNA in order to develop your true essence.

✨️The evolution of human nature in one session of IDA (Kundalini Activation IDA - Inner Dance Awakening, which emerged from two schools KAP and Innerdance) has a more powerful effect than years of yoga, meditation and other practices.

✨️While clients can go through deep healing and powerful experiences on a spiritual level, focus of IDA is on embodiment of spiritual power and the shift it brings to your consciousness. What matters is not what happens during the session, but big changes in your life after the sessions: integrity, calmness, complete harmony.


✨️Exchange per session: £50

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Thank you for your trust 💚

Luv Yourself,


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