SUMMER SOLSTICE Sacred Blue Lotus & Gold Ceremony with Sound Journey

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Hosted by Sothis Temple - Veronica Nilah
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Let’s celebrate the Summer Solstice with a Blue Lotus & Gold Ceremonial Sound Journey for Manifestation, receive Inspiration and ignite Intuition.

Receiving and embodying the energies of the Summer Solstice, incubating our dreams with the sacred Blue Lotus, the flower of ascension, guided by a Sound Journey for Manifestation, receive Inspiration and rise, like the splendid Sun Ra (represented by the Blue Lotus/Nefertum)* above darkness and into the golden light.

In this Sacred Plant & Sound Ceremony I invite you to journey with the Blue Lotus flower (the ancient, venerated Water Lily of the Nile),  to align yourself to receive spiritual guidance, transformative healing and divine inspiration.

Through the alchemy of sacred ceremony, sound frequencies, intention and connection with the plant, we enter an altered state of expanded vision, perception and understanding. Attune to the vibratory frequency and spirit essence of the mystical flower of ascension, the Sacred Blue Lotus, as you surrender into deep meditation immersed in Sacred Sound.

Entering your Inner Temple, accompanied by the sound waves from the gongs, singing bowls, flutes, chimes and other instruments, you’ll travel beyond time and space, to deepen your communication with inner and 'cosmic consciousness'.


  • Doors open at 18:50
  • 7pm - Doors shut. There will strictly be no entry after this time

Sacred Blue Lotus Ceremony begins:

A Frankincense purification ritual will open the ceremony to set sacred space, clear our energy field and tune in.

Opening of Sacred Space.

Setting and declaring your intention

TEA CEREMONY WITH LOTUS FLOWER & GOLD ELIXIR*: Communion with Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) consuming the Blue Lotus & Gold vibrational tincture and Tea in ceremonial ritual. * What is a Flower Elixir: a vibrational tincture of Blue Lotus flower essence and extract crafted by Veronica in a sacred ceremonial manner following the ancient Egyptian recepie and as channeled by the Blue Lotus itself. Enriched with Monatomic Gold and Colloidal Gold 24ct.

ANOINTING RITUAL with Blue Lotus Sacred Oil and merging with its energetic field

VISIONARY SOUND JOURNEY with Blue Lotus Spirit and your intention begins… now you can lay down.

Returning to the space and grounding

Closing Circle and Ceremony Closure


Psychic Artist, Sound Healer & Plant Spirit Ceremonialist offering Sacred Sound Journeys with Sacred Oils, Frankincense, Cacao and Blue Lotus Plant Spirits Medicine.

Veronica offers unique multisensory soundscape experiences bringing the healing power of sound, scent and art into ritual and ceremony. In her Sacred Sound Ceremonies, she integrates the ancient Temple Tradition of the Sacred Oils and Plant Spirit Healing, connecting to the spirit medicine and soul essence of plants providing direct communication for inner healing work, self-knowledge, strong intuition and profound alignment.

Veronica is a visionary artist Spirit inspired working with the Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, and a multidisciplinary intuitive healer combining elements of Alchemical and Sekhem energy healing, Aromatic and Reflex Oriental Medicine in her Sound Healing Baths and individual sessions.

She is the creatrix of Sothis Sacred Oils and founder of Sothis Temple where Sacred Art, Sacred Scents and Sacred Sounds meet in unison to and expand consciousness and nourish the soul, to nurture healing and spiritual growth.



Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea), a Water Lilly that grew on the banks of the Nile, was sacred and held in deep reverence by the ancient Egyptians for its medicinal and spiritual qualities. Blue Lotus was an initiatory sacrament invoked and applied in ceremonial and temple rituals for the elevation of spirit, the attainment of higher states of consciousness and connection with the Divine. Infused with symbolic and spiritual significance, the lotus was worshipped as the god Nefertem, symbolizing the origins of life, sprang up from the dark waters to reveal the divine light which banishes the universal darkness. Although the authentic ancient Egyptian Blue Water Lilly has been lost in time, the variety found today still possesses a powerful Spirit signature and many properties, here are some of them:

· Engender euphoria, happiness and bliss due to its active ingredient aporphine; which activates both serotonin and dopamine receptors.

· Divine inspiration and creativity, attuning to divine wisdom and the realms of magic

· Expands consciousness and increases spiritual awareness due to its effect on the third eye and crown chakra

· Slows down your mental overactivity and provides clarity of vision.

· Regain inner harmony, great in stressful and hectic times.

· Clears mental blockages and thought patters, confusion and stagnation in a situation or in a stage in life with the inability to move forward.

· Facilitates lucid dreaming: enhances vivid visualizations during dream state & support lucid dreaming practice.

· Mediation tool for its ability to relax the body and heighten awareness.

· Re-establishes connection. Spiritual evolution and enlightenment - Experience oneness with the Divine/Universe

· Grounding into the body and root into earth

· Calming sedative - Calms down the nervous system and instils a sense of tranquillity. Sleep aid & stress relieve. It melts down your physical and mental rigidity - powerful whole body and mind relaxation. Helps with menstrual pain.

· Deep healing and delf discovery

· Re-tuning to your original resonance.

To learn more about Sacred Blue Lotus and Blu Lotus Scred Oil visit:


A sound immersion bathes you in deep relaxation restoring self-alignment, synchronizing the brainwaves and facilitating the rehabilitation of your cells to normal vibratory frequency, or to resonance which is your original vibratory frequency. Sound is used as a transformational and healing tool: “Sound can change molecular structure” restoring that part of the body back into its healthy resonance to repair damaged tissue and cells within the body and reinstate the harmonious energetic, physical, emotional and mental function.

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