Circling with Self: Takeovers

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What if you could circle a part of you? 

This is the premise of our workshop. According to the paradigm of IFS, we are all multiple. However, our development creates a unified front for our experience, so that we can easily relate with others. Most of us struggle to relate with our different parts, which results in them pulling unconscious strings in our lives.

Through the art of circling, we are able to get to know ourselves on the deepest level, and get intimate with our truest, in-the-moment selves. What if we could extend this magic to our ability to relate with our parts? What if we could peek behind the curtain of the puzzle of our personality, and experience an ecstatic level of self-knowing and self-connection?

Through our time together, we will set the stage for this exploration, and then present this powerful context into a circle to watch it unfold in real time. By the end, we bet you'll want to wield this tool in future circles.

Curious? Let's play!

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