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This one-off collaboration combines the relational practice of circling with the powerful psychological model of Internal Family Systems. This evening is open to beginners as well as experienced circlers. 

What if you could circle a part of you? 

According to the paradigm of IFS, we are all multiple. However, our development creates a unified front for our experience, so that we can easily relate with others. Most of us struggle to relate with our different parts, which results in them pulling unconscious strings in our lives.

Through the art of circling, we are able to get to know ourselves on the deepest level, and get intimate with our truest, in-the-moment selves. What if we could extend this magic to our ability to relate with our parts? What if we could peek behind the curtain of the puzzle of our personality, and experience an ecstatic level of self-knowing and self-connection?

Curious? Let's play!

More about circling…

The practice of circling encourages a reverence for the beauty and wisdom at the heart of every single one of us. It is also founded on a  belief in our ability to be together in nourishing community. These perspectives go against much of what we’ve been taught. Learning how to circle isn’t so much a doing as an un-doing: experimenting with removing the filters we usually apply to what we express and what we sense with other people.

Circling is a practice of being with each other in the present moment. Many people feel moved to share what they are noticing about thinking, physical sensations and emotions. Movement is welcome, if you respond to the moment in that way. Silent presence is also included - it can be a rich place to explore your inner experience, and can also be a gift to others.

More about parts work…

You can read more about parts work and access some free resources on Robin's Substack

What will we actually do?

Robin and Yaniv will guide some exercises to enter into the spirit of circling and parts work. The exercises will be a mix of authentic relating games in pairs or small groups. We will set the stage for the exploration of our parts through circling, and then present this powerful context into a circle to watch it unfold in real time. By the end, we bet you'll want to wield this tool in future circles. 

Relating in this novel way can be challenging. We will prioritise safety in the space, and we will invite you to go at your own pace. 

About the facilitators

Yaniv Rose

Perfecting the blend of “TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH”, Yaniv is a creator / curator of havens for Self-expression and collective healing. They’re a certified Authentic Relating facilitator and Level 2 Trained IFS practitioner with a clear vision: unearthing our innate wholeness. Unlocking our unique gifts – which, in turn, will illuminate a world in dire need of them.

Robin Wren Prospect

I certified as a circling facilitator with Circling Europe, the ‘Embodied Presence’ school of circling. The 6-month, intensive training was one of the most transformational and healing experiences of my life. I have facilitated circling around the world, including in Portugal, Costa Rica, in London, online, and now in Bristol. I fell in love with circling and I am in an ongoing enquiry about what it is, and how to hold the space in a way that serves truth, beauty and goodness.

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