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In this session, we will discuss Bernardo's book ‘’Science Ideated'' and focus on Part 3 of the book, which includes chapters ( 11 + 12 ). Please don’t hesitate to join us! We would love to discuss this with you : )


We are a book club that runs discussions once every two weeks on Tuesdays at 7 pm GMT online, where we discuss the works of Bernardo Kastrup and other texts and ideas related to metaphysical idealism. We have a diverse set of members from many different countries, backgrounds and interests who have come to share an interest in Bernardo Kastrup’s idealism, and we are always eager to welcome new members. 

We have previously interviewed Bernardo Kastrup and Philip Goff as a book club, and we intend to host more interviews in the future! Please find links to the two interviews mentioned below.

If you would like to join these informal yet invigorating conversations, please register your name and email address and tell us a little about yourself and why you’d like to join our group. You'll be sent the zoom link to join the next session.




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Hi, I’m Nour. I’m a Theoretical Physicist currently pursuing my master’s in London, and I’ll be hosting the sessions. I founded this book club in August 2020 after meeting a few people interested in Bernardo Kastrup’s work through a course with him that was running at the time with the psychedelic society. I am intrigued by questions in the Philosophy of Mind and desire to grapple with fundamental questions about the nature of reality and the meaning of life. I have found these lovely people to share my interests. I’m always looking forward to meeting new people and hearing new points of view.

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