Veiled Moons

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Gather with us under the 


New Moon Ceremonies in the Darker Half of the Year

An Erotic Embodiment Journey.



What guidance does the Moon have? 

How can we serve you? 

Your watery ways, ebbing & flowing. 


Ever growing, and shedding. 

Born anew. 

Plump. Ripe. Fertile. 

Until dark, death & new. 

Totality. Complete. 


Sense-uality as Woman’s Initiation. 

Red Tent Temple. 

What a privilege to glimpse the mysteries, to taste her so close. 

Through this body vessels own gnosis. 


Of ceremony, togetherness & love. 


This is a community space, where we all come together to drink from the well and offer our body-heart prayers at the altar. Dora and Taila will lightly hold a set structure that will support us to journey together for 90 minutes with an intention//theme and allow the language and being-ness of our Primal Body to reignite our capacity to be the Oracle. 

Re-membering the body as bridge; a vessel for ancient re-membering and becoming.


Veiled Moon Ceremony Structure: 

  • Ritual Opening with Drop In
  • Theme & Intention Setting (Collective & Individual)
  • Embodiment//Self Pleasure: a journey with intention//theme through movement, breath, sound, touch
  • Journalling//Creative Mark Making of Emerging Essence
  • Harvesting Circle Together
  • Closing Ritual Container


Together we will reclaim our power, pleasure and purpose and call us all home as Empowered, Cyclical, Oracle Wolf Woman.


We look forward to journeying with you, 

Taila & Dora 



Who is this for? 

Women and afab loves comfortable with being in a space that will centre 

  • the womb,
  • feminine mysteries,
  • a reclamation of the word & label ‘Woman’
  • p🐱ssy anatomy
  • & female experience//conditioning

the space is not intended as therapy, and whilst it may feel therapeutic, if you are currently in a space of active trauma we would encourage you to seek 1-1 therapeutic support so that you can be held more personally and deeply where you are right now. You're so welcome to reach out to Dora and Taila to have a chat about what options there may be for you.


This is a Temple  

Re-membering the sacred and ancient practice of circling. Developing intimacy with the Temple herself and those who come to gather under the Veiled Moons. You have a seat that only you can occupy. 

The connection between women has been severed by thousands of years of oppression and patriarchal domination, and at times it can be challenging to gather with other womby folk. We invite you to journey as deep as you feel comfortable, walk with honesty, authenticity and the courage to share your experience of beauty, triggers & challenges as part of individual;+collective whole-ing & healing ❤️‍


We have opened this to community, so that it is accesbile to come together without money being a barrier. We are exploring ways of sharing our offerings that allows for more flow of shared resources, relationship building and supporting the Village. We have also given a contribution amount for this offering which greatly supports us sustain ourselves if you have the means to contribute. 

You can contact us by e-mail:

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For this event, all donations (minus stripe fee) will be sent to support mama's & children on the ground in Gaza, your donation is gratefully receieved.
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