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Lasting change happens in community

If you are on the path of inner work, you will know how easy it is to slip back into old habits after experiencing peak breakthroughs. What makes change last is a community around you, who can relate to your journey, and grow with you.

Welcome to The Women’s Fire. This is an online membership program to support women to integrate powerful experiences and make deep and lasting friendships.

The membership is an intentional journey through The Wheel of the Year, marking the seasonal shifts through ceremony, and keeping the pulse going with regular group calls. 

Everything goes in cycles

At True Nature, we see cycles as inherent to our womanhood, and a helpful framework to integrate insights, and deepen our connection with ourselves and the natural world.

The origins of the Wheel of the Year emerged 12,000 years ago and similar maps have been used by many cultures throughout history to mark the changing seasons and rhythms of nature. It can be exhausting living in our strive-driven modern world that expects productivity at all times. Instead, living cyclically reconnects us to our roots and can support our mental and physical health, providing more energy, happiness, productivity and growth.  

There are eight key milestone moments throughout the year, which occur every six weeks. Each gives us different reflection points and can be used as timeframes to set an intention or commitment.

How Does it Work?

Our year long membership offers online sessions for you to connect every 2 weeks. 

Session will be held every other week on Tuesday Evenings, 7:30pm - 9:00pm GMT.

Pod Calls

1- 2 per month

You will become part of a Journey Pod; a small group of up to 8 women who you will meet with every month. This is a closed container where you will create a level of trust and safety that allows you to fully be yourself, share the difficulties of your life, and celebrate your wins together.

*Your pods will be guided by graduates of our EMPOWER Women’s Facilitation Training.

Cyclical Ceremonies

8 throughout the year

Each turning will be marked through a group ceremony open to everyone in the membership programme. We will open up themes around the particular holiday and seasonal shift, which will then be explored throughout the next 6 weeks in your pod calls.
*Cyclical Ceremonies will be led by our Community Manager, Faye Gould.

Community Power Ups

4 per year

Quarterly power ups with True Nature’s founders Alana and Gaia. These sessions will respond to the themes that are alive in your pods calls, supporting you to go even deeper and step more into your power. Sessions may include: Embodiment, group coaching, nature connection, Q&A’s.

* Alana and Gaia run our flagship retreats and have extensive training and experience in holding transformational group space

What You Receive:

  • 8 x Wheel of the Year Ceremonies*
  • 17 x Pod Calls
  • 4 x Community Power Ups*
  • Pod whatsapp group
  • Membership whatsapp group
  • 10% off selected events
  • 8 x Wheel of the Year playlists
  • Pod organised in-person socials

*Wheel of the Year Ceremonies and Community Power Ups will be recorded for anyone unable to attend or so you can rewatch them again at a later date. 

Join at Each Turn of the Wheel

We launched the Women's Fire on 1st Feb 2024 where 40 women gathered to make their Imbolc intentions. We are welcoming new women to join us at each Wheel of the Year Celebration. 

You can register to join now for when we open again on the 26th March, when we hold our Spring Equinox Ceremony.

The Women's Fire Membership Program has the option to pay £25 monthly or £250 annually, which is a discount of £50 for annual payments. 

 We ask that monthly members aim to commit for the year as it will cause disruption in your pod if you leave early. However, we understand that circumstances may mean that you need to leave earlier than anticipated. 

If you choose to pay monthly, please choose the monthly ticket option. You will not be charged for the ticket but will receive a link to set up a GoCardless direct debit payment*. We will register you into The Women's Fire on completion of the direct debit being set up. 

*Note that if you join before the month the programme opens to new members, please wait to set up the direct debit until the following month to ensure you don't get charged twice. 

Inclusion & Diversity 

We celebrate and welcome diversity in this work and believe that varied experiences only serve to make the tapestry of collective wisdom more vibrant and colourful.  

The Women's Fire is open to women/ femme flavoured folk of all backgrounds, including those identifying as non-binary womb folk, trans and cis women. If you have any questions/ concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Your Facilitators

Alana Hyde Bloom - Community Learning Coordinator - Earthed | LinkedIn

Alana Bloom is an artist, facilitator and activist stewarding eco-centric and animist ways of being that bring us back into connection with the natural world, each other and our deepest nature. Her work is focused on regeneration and cultural change through personal and collective healing, centred in our relationship with the earth. She has been guiding transformational experiences for people to explore unleashing their true wild self for several years, working with hundreds of people and a variety of organisations on the frontiers of personal and planetary healing. She works with ritual, embodiment and many practices inspired by her theatre & dance training. With her background and interests in deep nature connection, grief, archetypes and rites of passage, she supports people to remember their innate belonging, wildness and wholeness.


Gaia Harvey Jackson is a workshop facilitator and artist creating spaces for deep transformation and specialising in women's empowerment. She runs courses, retreats and training programmes for women. Gaia is passionate about the revival of ritual and works with communities to co-create ceremonies around the world, helping people to mark significant moments, move through challenges, and celebrate life. Her work combines elements of theatre games, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

Faye Gould is a creative writer, group facilitator and mother to three children. Years of leading charity work, religious community gatherings and corporate events led to her dramatically burning out and struggling with her mental and physical health. Through unleashing her inner ‘wild woman’ and finding a new way of being in the world that isn’t performance driven she has found a new radiant way of living that is aligned with her soul, body and spirit. One of her greatest joys is to create safe gatherings of women who support each other to access their inner truth and deepest power.

About True Nature

True Nature designs experiences as an initiation, a heroine's journey - if you like - that will crack you open, and leave you softer, stronger and wilder. We have worked with hundreds of women and spent over seven years developing our dynamic approach to women’s work. 

As a woman, it is common to feel alone and disconnected from who you truly are.  Our retreats, events and training programs offer safe yet powerful experiences that create a feeling of belonging, and teach you how to express yourself authentically, so you can feel more passion and freedom in your life. Drawing on the core elements of our work: authentic relating, ritual, embodiment and nature connection, we are experienced in crafting powerful journeys of empowerment and self discovery.

If you’re feeling anxious, stuck, confused, or simply hungry to shake things up and feel more alive - we see you

We’ve been there, and we invite you to follow the red thread that leads you towards your own True Nature.

Find out more at

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